How Can Whey Protein and Casein Protein Be Beneficial Together?

Whey protein powder is good for those seeking to strengthen their muscles through training. If you are already using whey protein powder, how can also consuming casein protein powder benefit you? Most of us have probably heard of whey protein, but casein is often overlooked. How can these two work together to be more beneficial?

Whey protein powder has a number of benefits for training. The whey protein powder is put into drinks or shakes, and comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors. It works immediately, where instead of just sitting in the stomach, is immediately put to use. This gives your cells and muscles all of the energy they need in order to repair themselves, to grow much stronger and bigger.

Certain whey products already have casein protein in them, mainly because it makes it cheaper to manufacture. At times, this can be an indicator of a good whey product and a bad one. Generally, good ones are completely whey with no fillers. In some instances this can be true, but this does not mean that casein is a worse product. In fact, casein protein powder can be just as beneficial as whey when used in the right way.

Whey protein and casein protein are different only through the whey that they are digested. Whey is digested instantly, in order to get the body to instantly begin repairing muscles that had previously been worked hard. This prevents any down-time, and ensures that maximum amount of recovery in a short amount of time.

The opposite is true for casein, as it is digested and released slowly. At first, this doesn’t seem beneficial in any way. However, it serves a very good purpose. Casein is not meant to be used right after a workout, because it won’t be digested right away. Casein is used in certain whey products not only to make it easier to manufacture, but because whey and casein working together maximizes protein synthesis.

According to Lisa Freedman, Casein protein is often known as the “night time” protein because it is best utilized while you are sleeping. Casein protein powder can take up to 7 hours to digest, which ends up being about how long the average person sleeps per night. Our bodies use sleep as not only a time to regain energy, but also to rehabilitate ourselves from the stresses throughout the day, such as heaving lifting. Casein taken right before bed will give your body a constant supply of protein throughout your sleep, which will maximize recovery. Overall, it works exactly the same as whey protein powder, except for the fact that it is digested slowly.

Overall, whey and casein protein powder taken at the proper times can be extremely beneficial. Whey protein taken right after a workout will be most beneficial because it is digested immediately. Casein protein taken right before bed will be most beneficial because it will be slowly digested throughout your sleep cycle.

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