How Children Can Decrease Stress by Art Journaling

Children can get frustrated for a variety of reasons. It’s hard being a kid in an adult world. We are all taught as children not to talk back to authority and to respect our elders. What about a child’s right to express how they feel? A great way to inspire children to blow off stress is by channeling their creative outlet. Art journaling in particular can be enormously helpful because it encourages you to be messy and to build upon layers. There is no wrong answer with art journaling. The combination of color with composition can give children a sense of having accomplished a beautiful piece of artwork. The following are a list of reasons how art journaling can decrease stress in your children.

1. Drawing, painting and cutting out shapes can reduce stress. Children are taught how to do everything. How to properly color within the lines and how to correctly remember facts in math. Art journaling allows a child to break free from the structured principles of learning and color outside the lines with creativity. They teach a child to paint, color and cut their own way and that their way is the best way to express themselves. Children need this kind of retreat from the everyday world of rules.

2. Focusing on a theme for art journaling can get a child’s mind off of what is bothering him or her. Encouraging a child to create an art journaling book where they create their own themes can begin a process of creativity that could very well last throughout a child’s life. This can be a place where the child can go to every time he or she is feeling stressed. These art journaling pages also make for a time capsule where you and your child can look back at where you both were at the time these pages were created. Some people also write journal entries over their art journaling pages. There are no limits when creating and this is something that should be instilled in children.

3. Creating something helps to look toward a positive activity which can lead to a happier frame of mind. Boy or girl, your children will look forward to coming home and creating an art journal page after his or her homework. This is so beneficial when your children have had a bad day at school or have been particularly stressful.

4. Participating in art journaling with your child can create bond. Art journaling can be a family activity of fun. Joining your children in creating art journaling pages can be a great avenue to start up conversation with your kids. If there is anything that is stressing your child, then this can be the perfect way to talk it out while you both create.

5. Inspire a child to get creative. Sometimes children need help seeing their creativity. Art journaling can give a child a way to discover a hidden artistic talent. It can also be the excuse they need to get messy without apology. It’s good for children to get their hands dirty once in awhile. Allow them to dip their hands in paint and smear it on a canvas or piece of paper. Let them dirty their paint clothes and laugh about it. This is a great way to de-stress a child.


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