How Does the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Fare in Everyday Life?

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tablet (7″ version, Model # SPH-P100) and after a little over more than 2 months of usage. I have a very good idea on the devices strengths and weakness. When I first received the Samsung Galaxy tablet in the mail, I updated the device to get the most current version of Android. After the update, many features stopped working on the tablet. The one that was most inconvenient was the screen lock feature would no longer function. I took the first device to my local Sprint store and they swapped the device for a new tab, and I have not updated the Android on the new tablet.

With this device, you can leave your Tom-Tom at home. Hands down, one of the best navigation systems for any wireless device with “driving” or “walking” option. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy tablet is very helpful in everyday life. The email feature along with text messaging is very user-friendly. Sprint offers a variety of inexpensive tablet plans, and free text messaging comes with all of these plans. For a 2 GB plan, the price is an affordable $29.99 per month, which comes with unlimited text messaging and picture messaging (unlimited messaging is a $20.00 value). I know have a very basic cell phone with few minutes, and use the tablet for a majority of my needs. When on a Wi-Fi network, you are not charged for date usage, making the 2 GB plan more than enough for someone who has a home wireless network.

The battery last’s surprisingly long, and the screen is very clear and responsive. The camera and flash along with the video camera on the device seem close to HD quality. Worried about losing your I-Tunes? The Android market features a variety of applications to fetch your I-Tunes songs and play them from your Galaxy Tab. Some of the programs can do this wirelessly from your laptop (here is a link to the one I used from JRT STUDIOS).

Sprint ID is the best feature this tablet has to offer). Sprint ID allows you to download different themes that can be changed at the touch of a button. For a workday, you might have your Samsung galaxy tab ID set to Business Pro ID and for the avid sports fan – my favorite sprint ID; ESPN ID. Up to 6 ID packs may be installed at a time.

Teathering is a great feature with this tablet. This allows you to connect your tablet to a laptop for a internet connection.
The keyboard is a little harder to master than other cellular devices I have owned. The devices freezes once every 2-3 days and must be restarted to function properly. Device runs slow with multiple processes running at the same time. Speaker is nothing special. Updating of Android led to malfunction. The voice feature – which allows you to search the web or type an email or text message does not work great. The tablet can be used as a wireless router (Called Sprint Hotspot) for up to three devices, but at an extra cost per month.
The device is a good size for portability, but just a little to large to fit comfortably in the pockets of jeans.

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