How Has 9/11 Changed Me

Prior to 9/11 I trusted my government to a certain degree, but today I am not so sure.

I did not vote for George W. Bush. I voted for Ralph Nader. I liked the fact that he seemed to be more in touch with America’s needs. I did not like Al Gore because I did not like Al Gore. I did not like George W. Bush because I felt his father was a bad President who paid for his son’s election. I liked Ralph, but I found that the two party system in this country did him an injustice.

9/11 was a shock for me, like every American. I cried like everyone else. I became angered by George W. bush’s comment that if you aren’t with us then you are against us. Well, I wanted to come to my senses first, but he was insistent on going to war. I guess he thought this meant I was against him, so I became suspicious of his motives. I was feeling pain, and he was feeling the need to attack? Instantly I began to distrust the man.

When it takes trillions of dollars to defeat a country the size of Delaware, I feel more betrayed. When 3,000 more Americans died due to our President’s disinterest in a major oil port, I become more distrustful. Gasoline rose to close to $4 per gallon while Republicans screamed their support for him, but many Americans fell away from him in their support.

I rarely voice my discontent with politics anymore. So many people are strongly polarized that America has become an uncomfortable place for me to live and I begin to wonder if the terrorists didn’t already win. We have destroyed ourselves with our hate, and I can see it. I am now saddened more than 9/11. 9/11 was just the beginning. As a people we are fininishing off the destruction of our nation by sticking to our polarization.

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