How I Plan to Purchase a New Chevrolet Cruze

Several weeks ago, I had the chance to test drive a Chevrolet Cruze. A Cruze averages 32 to 34 mpg in the city and 36 to 39 on the highway. A Cruze gets the most out of each drop of gas. My wife and I were so impressed with how it handled, that we decided to shop for one. I have bought many General Motor vehicles in the past. Usually, I just go to several lots and look around. This time around, because of the automobile industry crisis and tough economic times, I am going to use a new method. Many individuals already shop for new vehicles this way.

Program Cars: A program car has already been used by the manufacturer, business, industry or as a demonstration model. They usually are less than a year old and have a set number of miles accumulated on them. However, these vehicles are well maintained. The cost is somewhat lower as well. The only drawback on a program car is that you don’t know who drove it last. Some vehicles are driven very hard. Other vehicles are well cared for. This is the type of Chevrolet Cruze that I want.

My Approach: Like many automobile shoppers, I will travel around and check out what is available on the car lots. I will also contact several salesmen that I know and tell them that I am looking for a program car only. I will give each salesman a description of what I am looking for in the vehicle. I will also view Internet sales across the country. This will give me a good idea of what the cost of a Cruze will be. This will take some extra time to do. However, it will be time worth used.

Financing: While all of this is going on, I will seek out loans and interest rates. I will speak with previous lenders, that I have dealt with in the past. I will also seek out new lenders and the deals, that they have in process for new vehicles.

Shop with a Purpose: I have learned several things from past experiences. Never buy a vehicle on a first impression. Always shop and have several possible selections ready. Always test drive all vehicles under consideration. Always check out the Carfax. A Carfax will give you a history of the vehicles past. You can learn a lot about a vehicle through this process. Do not rush through this process. For every vehicle that you think you will miss out on, another vehicle will be found. There are plenty of vehicles to fit your needs.

Final Deal: Once I have selected the vehicle I want, I will put my purchasing process into motion.

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