Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume Review

Lancome is great cosmetic company, but there products are just a little expensive. Well, it’s very expensive, and I don’t waste my time looking at the products usually because of the price. I only give their fragrances a chance because fragrances have a much more lasting appeal than a face cream or a lip gloss.

Lancome is not my favorite when it comes to fragrances. They all smell okay, but I can’t think of one I love. But whenever they come out with a new one, for some reason, I always want to smell it. Weird.

There used to be a point when I loved Tresor by Lancome. I even liked the fake Tresor that Avon did called Treselle. (I think it was the fake Tresor, or maybe it was the fake Jadore).But for some reason, I just don’t care for it anymore. There was another Tresor perfume made called Sparkling Tresor and I didn’t quite like that either.

The original Tresor may be the best smelling of all the Lancome fragrances, but this Tresor Midnight Rose may have the original Tresor beaten. Don’t get me wrong, this scent is not original. To me, this smells a lot like Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift and Pulse by Beyonce mixed together. However, it is still a nice scent.

Despite the fact that it’s called Midnight Rose, it doesn’t really smell like rose at all. It actually smells “candy-ish”. I smell a little sweet grass and a little wild flower, but the name “Midnight Rose” is much sexier than the actual scent. This scent is kind of immature.

I do like this fragrance, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It just doesn’t pack the same punch as some other fragrances that women love like Chanel #5 and White Diamonds. I give this one 3 out of 5 stars.

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