How to lose fat on your upper arm

How to lose fat on your upper arm

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You lose fat on your upper arm by doing arm workouts. Some great arm exercises include push ups, bicep curls, tricep presses, and shoulder presses. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do you lose your fat in your upper arms?
you can get in a crab position with your hands facing toward your feet and bend your arms at the elbows.
Is there a good way to burning fat off upper arms while walking??
do that mandana thing when she swings her arms around in a circle with your Pam’s Straight up (that a free way ) anyway if you spending money on it then buy weight training gear that they put on there legs and arms and the longer you wear t…
Why is my upper body fat, but my legs and arms just fine??
I asked this question to many of my students in the high school They had no idea why. I told them that this is an issue with MANY people and how this happens. You know this as “beer belly” . Have you ever heard of “beer arm…

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What kind of things can I do at home to lose upper arm fat?
Q: Is it possible to lose upper arm fat just by doing things at home and not going to a gym?
A: Yes. 1) If you are overweight, then you will have to lose weight to get rid of most of it. I tend to keep my weight stable, and if I see I’ve gained over five pounds, I start using Slimfast immediately until I have lost the weight.2) Whether you are overweight or slim, you can exercise with small barbells. Buy a set that is from 2 to 5 pounds in weight. Lay on the floor on your back. Grasping a weight in each hand, put your arms out at your sides and bring them both up over your chest, and then back down. Do this several times. Now do the same motions, except above your head and down to your hips. These motions will tighten your biceps and triceps. The triceps are what you are wanting to really tighten. You’ll feel the tightening immediately after doing these exercises. These firm and enlarge the pectorals (breast) also.If you don’t have weights handy today, you can use heavy books instead… anything that you can grasp and use as a weight.
Whats the best way to lose upper arm fat?
Q: yeah i dont want them muscley, i just want them skinnier.and when i lift weights it doesn’t feel like its doing anything for my upper arms.. or maybe im not doing it right.
A: Lift weights………… that’s the only thing that will tone your body.
How do i lose upper arm fat without gaining too much muscle?
Q: 10 points to the best answer (:Thanks
A: Simple burn off all over body fat by running,jogging,swimming, any form of intense cardio for half an hour a day and the fat will strip off everwhere on your body including upper arms. If you want to define it a bit as well work out those guns by doing pull ups, chin ups, bicep curls etc.I assure you it will work there is no way to reduce fat in one location without side effects.

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