Can anyone telll me y\that how to get rid of extreme was very painfull.pls tell some practical ways

Q:because of shyness i am not able to get good job. everyone is making fun of me. pls pls pls help me. i will be vary thank full to all of you
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u need to work on ur confidencelevel..have a ‘care a damn attitude’ and things wud change
BE determined to break out of your shyiness. I DID.
Dear Manish You are not shy, You are simply self concious. Otherwise why should u feel that others r making fun of u. Now consider these facts – Anu one who is trying to make fun of u, is doing so because he does not have anything better to do and has lot of spare time. Such people r known as loosers. Yeah .. looser man looser. Secondly even if sombody does manage to pass a nasty comment on you , tell him to go and f*ck himsel. Taht’s the attitude u have to have. No matter who u r, u definetly have your strengths. Either u r physically strong or mentally robust or u can slog like a horse or u can endure a lot or many other such facts. Identify your plus points and work on them. The world is yours to conquer. All the best.
Treat each&every 1 infront of u as inferiors. think that ur gr8.This promotes ur confidence. When ever ur in a crowd always try to open ur mouth what evre the word u want to sayyyy]Try it u’ll get
1. realize that others are not judging you as harshly as you judge yourself-l bet you make excuses and are kind in thoughts to others.people don’t often even care enough to think deeply about the person they are talking to- they are listening to their own harsh voice in their head too until we make them forget and get absorbed in the conversation.2.Practise conversation with people in your family or that you are comfortable with- ask them questions about themselves..and topics that interest them.look for things that might genuinely interest you in what they have said.even if it is something that is hard to find something you like about it- use that and say ” l find it hard to see why you like it so much can you explain why you got interested in it?” Avoid asking questions that have a one word answer.and try not to sound like you are interogating.conversation is a 2way street- allow some silence. 3.Try not to think of yourself so much- imagine that the other person is as uncomfortable as you are and what could you say to make them more comfortable with you? What have others said to you that has opened you up and made you enjoy being with them?4.Read news -odd news and local topics that affect you and the people you might talk gives you an opener to start off with. If talking to business people hoping to get work read up about their business and write down things you would like to know about it.5.Be genuinely interested in others-don’t fake it.6.Go to an online chatroom on a topic that you like and listen/watch conversations discreetly.see how people do it. Perhaps a busy fastfood restaurant like discreet and don’t listen to one convo for more than a min or two before switching.7. think of conversation as an art- and practise it with everyone. even small children in your’s about caring enough about others to forget yourself and really want to get to know about them….good luck and enjoy.. people are facinating
you should try practice questioning and answering yourself in front of a mirror.which should be large enough to show your would definitely boost your would be able to get confidence by looking at your body movements while u answer certain will help you know your weaknesses and work over them.while speaking to yourself in a mirror you should try to question yourself as if the other person opposite to you is inferior to should also try and keep on giving would hardly matter if you fail.the failure itself will giv you confidence to improve yourself.this is something which i hav tried as i also used to be very interviews talking to people boosts your try some of these simple exercises and my friend i hope you would be able to get some confidence.(best of luck for your job)with best regardsvicky
i got out of it myself..shyness comes from lower confidence.realise most ppl are not any better than u.mix with more ppl and variety of them.U are bound to change over time for sure
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