I think I have HIV?

Q:Doctor sent me with a psychiatra, Im pretty sure that this is not mental, Im waitng one month more for a elisa´s test, I lost 10pounds in this 2 months, Im eating ok, I promissed to be quiet this month but its hard, What should I take to increase or maintan my weight, Is it possible that HIV is doing me this so soon?
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I’m sorry you are going through this difficult time. What you describe is probably just the stress of not knowing what your HIV status is. Waiting for a diagnosis is sometimes more stressful than knowing what you have. While you wait for the next test, it is important that you try to keep your body as healthy as possible. Get adequate rest, drink loads of water or fresh fruit juices and eat a well balanced diet. There are many commerically prepared supplements that might help you regain your weight or at least keep it from dropping further. Sustacal and Ensure are just two of the ones that come to mind. Even though it is designed to be used as a meal replacement in weight loss, Slim Fast is a great source of protein and calories if you add it to your daily diet. I know that this stress might seem unbearable, so make sure that you do everything your doctor orders and remember that HIV is not a death sentence. My husband is an Infectious Disease doctor and he has HIV patients that are living great lives 20 and 30 years after their diagnosis. He even has three different patients that were able to deliver healthy, HIV free babies! TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.
Hypochondriac much? If your doctor felt it necessary to send you to a psychiatrist, then he strongly doubts you will test positive for HIV.Stop having risky sex. Then you don’t have to worry about it. Stop reading WebMD. It’s not doing you any good.
Get tested and talk to your doctor,I’m sure it’s stress doin this cuz you keep thinkin you might gonna have it.
I read through your previous questions and now understand why you were sent to a psychiatrist. All you did was kiss a guy 2 months ago and you have become obsessed with having HIV…even though you have had numerous tests showing that you are negative.Please go see the psychiatrist.
get test before it’s 2 late
tall to your Doctor them get tested
R U Kiddin Or what…………….is this psychiatra crap.If you got Aids, YOu’ll know it.
just get tested as soon as possible. and contact any of your old partners to see if they tested positive. act now!
well am not for sure but good thing you got tested because people get it and live for years and not know they have it you can drink a drink called boost it is suppose to help u gain weight
What do you mean “this soon”..Do you know how long you may have had HIV ?
no hiv would not due you in this quick it a process to go through you could be losing weight worring wether you have it or not so try not to think about it if your doctor knows what is going on let him do the rest you do trust the doctor dont you ?
10 pounds is not bad in 2 months time…actually some people lose 10 pounds a week….HIV become life threating when it becomes aids…The first stages shouldn’t be doing anything at all to you
Could be diabetic.HIV stays with people for years. It’s when it turns to AIDS , if ever, that it kills you.
You are not assured that you have HIV. Do not jump the gun so soon. Wait and see what the test results show . While you are waiting, take time out to pray and meditate. God is the best comfort in times of trouble. You are losing way because you are worried and distressed. May God have mercy on you.
Talk to you doctor. Also, that seems to be a long time to get your test results back. You can get instant tests now.
For once, a question where everyone has given sound advice. Personally I agree with each idea, get tested, talk to your doctor about the situation to see if it could be something else, and hold off on the panic mood til you get more info as to what may or may not be going on.
go to your doctor or a clinic for a hiv test!!are you just paranoid and that is why you have to see a shrink?sounds like you have stress ~~ work with your doctors and they will work with you. good luck…you are in my prayers
Every one suffers that anxiety when faced with HIV test. I suggest you wait for the result before drawing conclusions.
get tested and talk to a doctor
Why would you post something this personal and detrimental on a site like this? Do you have family and friends?
A lot of things can cause weight loss including intense stress. Don’t panic. Drink Ensure if you are worried about the weight loss, and make sure you get your test results ASAP.
A doctor won’t send you to a psychiatrist if he didn’t think you needed to see one…how many HIV test have you taken? if you have taken one about a month ago…and the results where negative…than your negative…unless you are plan on sleeping with every Tom, Dick & Harry in a month…plus, loosing 10 pounds in 2 months is not a lot…you lost 5 pounds one month and 5 more the next…if you are really concern about the weight loss…ask your doctor to do a thyroid check…having a over active thyroid can cause unexplained weight loss…at the same time it can be other things…but if your doctor has ruled out that you don’t have HIV…than you don’t have…Good luck & take care!
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