Please infrom me key factor of Heart attack,?

Q:Please infrom me key factor of Heart attack,?
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Most heart attacks are caused by a blood clot that blocks one of the coronary arteries (the blood vessels that bring blood and oxygen to the heart muscle). When blood cannot reach part of your heart, that area starves for oxygen. If the blockage continues long enough, cells in the affected area die. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the most common underlying cause of a heart attack. CAD is the hardening and narrowing of the coronary arteries by the buildup of plaque in the inside walls (atherosclerosis). Over time, plaque buildup in the coronary arteries can: Narrow the arteries so that less blood flows to the heart muscle Completely block the arteries and the flow of blood Cause blood clots to form and block the arteries. A less common cause of heart attacks is a severe spasm (tightening) of the coronary artery that cuts off blood flow to the heart. These spasms can occur in persons with or without CAD. Artery spasm can sometimes be caused by: Taking certain drugs, such as cocaine Emotional stress Exposure to cold Cigarette smoking.
High blood pressure, also called hypertension (HTN) occurs when the body’s smaller blood vessels narrow, causing the blood to exert excessive pressure against the vessel walls. The heart must therefore work harder to maintain the higher pressure. Over time, damage to the brain, eye and kidney can resultCardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality in the United States. The most significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease is hypertension. High blood pressure is the key risk factor for stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney disease, and mortality.
heart attack is one of the ischaemic heart diseases. these all share common risk factors. hypertension, diabetes, smoking and hyperlipidemia are the main predisposing watch ur diet, exercise, quit smoking and relax!
a lot of things that cause heart attack1. coronary arteries are blocked — so blood is not able to travel to the heart muscle2. too much water/fluids in the body — makes it harder for the heart to pump3. vascular (blood vessels) problems — due to smoking and other factors — the blood vessels constrict, also harder for the heart to pump blood through narrowed vessels.4. blockage in the vessels — constricts the openingimagine that you are a water pump — when you are pumping water through narrowed openings, or you are pumping water twice more than you usually pump — you get tired and you give up — that’s how the heart works. too much fat in your diet (clogs up the arteries), smoking
smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, high fat.
sharp pain in your left side your left arm goes numb but the symptoms differ from one person to another
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