Is it normal to see litle elfstrying to rape me?

Q:I’m sooooooo high right about…. NO, the elis back help! He wants to rape me, he brought a dildo! And hancuffs, he isn’t a cop! Why the handcuffs? Oh, that’s why!
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For one thing-if the elf has got a 3 ft member following him everywhere he goes..then I wouldn’t call it a “peewee”..but that’s cute!Dildos,handcuffs& what not?Such a naughty elf.take him on your knee and spank that little devil!
you need serious help.
Have fun
Sober up and find a real man.
normal . not quite
Did you know that drugs and alcohol can induce schizophrenia? Hallucinations aren’t a good thing anytime let alone, when you’re buzzing, so maybe you should go see a doctor soon! Good luck! It’s not rape if you enjoy it.
if u do not stop doing drugs and drinking u will get caught or die do it for your self
Sigh. Such a waste.
Bad erotic story
they got you too?!
It seems someones frustrated.
oh jeezus. what pollution.
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