Need a natural remedy for high cholesterol?

Q:Try garlic, red yeast rice 600 mg twice a day, lots of fiber, oatmeal, fish oil, carnitine, gugulipid 500 mg 3 times a day, soy 25 grams a day, pantethine 300 mg 3 times a day, tocotrienols 200 mg a day, regular aerobic exercise. Quit smoking, eat low fat diet.
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is that a queston or an answer? “natural remedy” will not be enough if person is genetically made up to have high cholesterol. Hae you seen the Vytorin commercials? they are one of the best educational ads for medical disorders.
fish oil, but it might not be enoughTry looking it up on uptodate
Stop all fried foods, that is natural, only buy low cholesterol foods, that too is natural. For you to reverse the effects of cholesterol, nothing. You got what you got and that’s it. Just don’t go making it worse. unfortuanetly, if you truly have tried all these things(and continue to use them), get plenty of exercise, eat well, and refrain from smoking-you have a genetic component that only medications may help with.
Please keep in mind that your body may not be able to handle cholesterol due to genetics.if so meds may be in order.Naturally, a great way to lower your cholesterol is to eat soluble fiber foods, complex carbohydrates and low fat foods. And you must exercise, stop smoking and watch alcohol consumption.Oatmeal helps because it is soluble fiber and a complex carbohydrate.High cholesterol can lead to heart problems so do have your blood pressure checked.Exercise!
When was the last time you saw your family physician? If you are doing all of this, and your cholesterol level is still high, then there is only one other reason for it and it is called genetics. Is there a family history of high cholesterol? If yes, then a prescribed medication is in order for you.Make an appointment right away with your doctor. Tell him or her what your taking for the high cholesterol and tell your doctor how you feel. Between the two of you and medication you should be feeling better soon I hope!Good luck and I hope I was some what helpful! Source(s):Personal experience. My mother has high cholesterol levels as did her parents before her. So do my siblings, regardless of what they eat or how much exercise they get.
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