parasites or genital warts ??

Q:i’m asking this question for a friend who was too shy too , i have a friend name john he just recently discovered a slightly medium pink bump on the head of his dosnt itch burn or anything it just sites their..every now and then his anus and groind area where the pubic hair tends to itch …hes too afraid to go to a doctor about it..because he dosn’t want to be judged …he’s looked up all the symptoms for STDS but none seem too match correctly.
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Tell him that doctors have SEEN A LOT WORSE. And their job is not to judge but help. If his doctor judged in any way, he should immediately go to their office and fill out a complaint against them then and there! If its genital warts, IT WILL ITCH LIKE HELL! BAD! It could just be an ordinary wart that “will need removed” or he will definately not be getting lucky soon. Either way, he has to see a doctor. He needs to tell the doctor his symptoms though, that it “does not itch” otherwise it can be confused for a genital wart. If it DOES turn out to be a genital wart, they can apply Condylox (a clear liquid cream) to it that will eat it off. So, again, problem solved.Its IMPORTANT that he take a good shower, use soap and water and clean himself well and lie down on the bed and feel around back on his anus. Are there any bumps there? If there are, it is almost sure to be genital warts and combined with the one in front, he must get to a doctor for a condolyx treatment. Again, a doctor will not judge you, but your next sexual partner will if you spread it to them!
go to a public health clinic they will help and do not care who you are.
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