What Medical reasons could there be for being tierd all the time?

Q:fatigued constantly,mood swings
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Of course, please check with a doctor..thyroid problems can cause tiredness and mood swings. immune problems, lupus, fibromyalgia,chronic fatigue
Too many to answer!
There is no medical reference as to being fatigued and experiencing mood swings, at the same time. However, most often, mood swings are due to hormonal changes that can temporarily upset brain chemistry, e.g. lack of sleep.Therefore, without other significant symptoms, fatigue by itself is often of a psychogenic nature. You may want to begin with evaluating simple matters such as Vitamin B1 (thimamine) and Vitamin C (scurvy) levels and discuss this with your doctor.Hope this answers your question!
one could be anemia.. call your doctor, he/she may have much better answers..
not drinking enough water is known to cause fatigue.
Tiredness is usually a temporary situation which can be helped with some simple measures. However, persistent tiredness can have a major impact on day-to-day functioning. Good lifestyle management should eliminate tiredness but if the problem persists you should seek further help. If you lead a busy life, then take a holiday, slow down your life before it slows YOU down
lots of things such as depression, low thyroid, diabetes, anemia, addison’s disease- see your dr for a full physical with labs
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