what is bipolar schizophrenia?

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I think it is 2 different dx one being bipolar the other schizophrenia,but that’s just a guess. Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are different diagnosis in ICD 10. But people with Bipolar disorder may have some psychotic symptoms eg. when they are in manic phase.
Separately or together (also known as “co-morbid”), it’s an extremely serious mental health condition with either a psychiatric or neurological basis. I don’t think it’s easy for even specialist physicians to diagnose.It requires medicinal therapy to continue with a generally “normal” life. The medicines, however, can beextremely strong, and several patients resent the side effects. Not all patients, mind you, since everyone’s biochemistry is different.Bipolar schizophrenia can make a person erratic, unpredictable, unstable, and frankly very scary to those around them. Sometimes the “voices in the head” can be extremely loud and tell the person to hurt themselves or someone else, or be so loud as to drive the person deeper into problems — up to, in some unfortunate cases, suicide. This shouldn’t be confused with multiple personalities, which is a different issue altogether.Hope that helps. Are they telling you that someone loves you. If so you’re all set..(~_~)
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