My College Degrees

Rainbows are beautiful aren’t they? I used to believe in rainbows. When you complete your degree and you are approaching your graduation, your eyes are filled with hope.

The time and dedication I put into being a professor would impress anyone. Two masters degrees and a PhD in psychology.

“Do you think that you will be able to find a job Jeanie?” My friend Susan asked timidly.

“Sue, You know that I about that all of the time. Don’t be afraid to ask me that.” I laughed weakly.

“How do you do it Jean?” Sue asked, “How do you remain positive?”

“I look for the rainbows. I look for the beauty after the storm. It was something that my grandmother taught me.” The memory made me smile.

My grandmother was a wonderful and strong woman. She had the southern charm that one only reads about. She lived through so much. There was so much that very few people knew about her. Her hospitality was known throughout our neighborhood.

Grandma cooked from scratch, fished every morning, enjoyed working in her garden, and could shoot any type of pistol.

It was difficult when grandpa died. Grandma kept on working hard around the house and volunteering with the Red Cross. She would get a far away look in her eyes every once in awhile, “What’s wrong grandma?” I would ask.

“Oh, nothing Jeanie. I am just remembering to look for the rainbows.” She’d say with a smile.

“Tell me again about the rainbows grandma. Please!” I pleaded.

“The rainbows. Ah, the rainbows are the beautiful paintings in the sky after the storm. The rainbows are painted by marvelous brush of God. His brush graces the sky with the glorious arch of shimmers and color. Rainbows are a reminder of the better things in life and the better things in all situations. If you can always find the rainbows your life will always have promise.” She finished with a grin and far off look.

I remember the conversation with Susan, who is now a successful lawyer, married with a wonderful husband and two kids. I remember the talks with my grandmother about rainbows and how I tried to share that knowledge with others.

Checking my watch I see that my lunch break is over. I go to my locker, grab my stethoscope. I brush the tears away that seem to come daily. Wiping on a false friendly smile I push my nurse’s tech blood pressure machine and walk to the next room to get my patient’s stats. Two masters degrees and a PhD tucked with in my heart as I try once again to look for the rainbows.

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