My Favorite Photo and the Story Behind It

My favorite photograph is one that I took, titled “Hanging Wisteria”.

I live in a very rural area, with a few neighbors and plenty of trees, plants and flowers. Across my dirt road was a home that had been abandoned for many months. In all the years I’d lived in my home, I’d never seen any color in that yard. In March of this year, I happened to look over there and discover this amazing umbrella of the most beautiful shade of purple I’ve ever seen. I had no idea what kind of flowers they were, only that they were blooming on a tree.

Photography is a passion of mine, and I had my camera out that day, taking some photos of some of the vegetables in the garden and a woodpecker that was visiting my trees. So, I grabbed my Nikon D3100 and headed across the street. I went through an unlocked gate and around the house to the back. There I discovered that these gorgeous flowers had spread to cover a lattice-style roof over the patio area.

I began taking photos, and when I stepped back at one point, the image you see in the photo just struck me. I snapped off the shot, praying it would turn out exactly as I’d pictured. It did.

I later researched and found out that this is Wisteria, probably an Asian species based on when it was blooming, and that I had probably never seen it before because it had not yet reached maturity.

When I look at this photo, I feel a mingling of emotions. I feel pride that I took such a beautiful photo, and that it turned out exactly as I desired. I feel inspired to create more photos that are just as beautiful. I feel calm, looking at the soothing purple and greens and remembering the peaceful quiet that accompanied that early Spring day.

I have this photo as my desktop photo on my laptop. I would like to display it in my home, but I want to display it in a large format, with a frame that does it full justice. I have yet to find such a frame. But knowing that I have such a picture in my possession is enough for me right now.

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