My Moving to the U.S.

Moving can be really stressful especially when a person does not know anything about that place and what the life will brings. Moving from one country to another is even more stressful because of so many obstacles that can be in a person’s way, such as language, culture, and rules. My life gave me an opportunity to move, and I took that advantage. The most memorable time that I would probably never forget was when I was moving to the unknown country. The most memorable parts of moving were being told that I was moving, getting off the plane, and going to a school that I did not know anything about.

I was meeting my stepfather at the airport. He just got off the plane and we were sitting in the bus, going back home. He came from the U.S and told me that he had exited news. We sat and he began telling me and my mom how the life would be in the U.S, and he pulled up something out of his pocket, something white. I never flew before and because of that, I did not know what it could be. However, my step dad told us that it was the airplane tickets, that we would be going with to the U.S, next week. I took them and could not believe that it was true. I felt so excited that moment and smiled all the way back home. After getting home, I started to pack my clothes.

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