My Personal Journey in Finding God Part IV

If there is one thing that has stood out to me in no uncertain terms is that the spending an eternity in hell is pretty frightening. I never really considered that before, but now if nothing else, this tough spot in my life has opened my eyes to how a life should be lived, and for the first time in my life, hell has become very real. Nothing else really matters in the overall scheme of things in this life. Heaven or Hell is the only thing that ultimately matters. I am not saying I should just shrug my shoulders and quit trying to handle the financial problems I have which seem overwhelming at the moment, but nothing else really rises to too much importance when compared to heaven and hell.

In the sermon at church, part of the message was that you have to be in a state of belief in order to hear the words of the bible and it make sense. I understand that completely because until recently nothing from the word of God was really anything more than words. The words had no impact. They were forgotten as soon as I walked out of the church.

I pray daily, and I don’t pray that God steps in and fixes my problems, but rather asking Him to just share the burden and give me the strength to handle the tough situation. I also thank him profusely for the the health of my twins. I also ask that he brings me into the mindset that I continue more strongly into the life that He wants a person to live. It’s true that the more you read, the more you pray, the more you associate yourself with your church, the more you read the bible, the more immersed you become in the christian way of life.

I will be posting a few websites that I have found very helpful, and some bible verses that really help me. I will say that my most peaceful and fulfilling hours each week are those I spend in church. Contrast that with my actions 2 months ago. It is amazing that once you get on God’s path, you move quickly into that life.

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