My Winter Beauty Secrets

As the warm weather leaves and the harsh, cold weather arrives, we find ourselves pulling out our long sleeves, pants, gloves and boots. Instead of sunscreen, we put on moisturizer and instead of spending time outside, we keep to the indoors. Wintertime does not do much for a tan and, if you are like most people, your skin is drier. To get through this time of year still feeling beautiful, there are a few things I reserve just for this time.

I love to wear boots but they have a tendency to wreak havoc on toenail polish so I focus more on my fingernails during the winter. Personally, I don’t like color on my fingernails so I invested in a good clear nail strengthener, like OPI. I also have a nail cuticle lotion to keep my cuticles soft, although any lotion will work.

My scalp gets really dry during the winter so I use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to moisturize; otherwise, I end up itching and scratching so much that I have little white flakes everywhere, which is not a great fashion statement.

I love taking hot baths but, as you probably know, hot water dries out your skin. Since I’m not about to give up that luxury, I use a body lotion designed for extra dry skin after every shower or bath. I try to find one that has shimmering highlights too. It is just an extra something that makes you feel even more beautiful.

I associate the months of November and December with a lot of eating and January and February with the struggle of trying to lose those extra inches. In order to lessen that struggle, I try to really watch meal portions. I also substitute one food for another. For instance, instead of having cheese and/or mayonnaise on my hamburger, I save those calories for a dessert. No one likes to count calories, but it really does help with not gaining those couple extra pounds during the winter.

I also try to fit in a few minutes of exercise. Normally, I cycle 4-6 hours a week but the weather does not always allow for that during the winter so I will do some exercises at home. A few leg lunges and crunches only take about 10-15 minutes and they really do help keep you slimmer. Grab your phone or i-pod and put on some music. The time will go by faster if you are focusing some on the music.

I have found that drinking a lot of water helps with my complexion. Also, drinking tea instead of coffee is a good idea. Tea does not stain your teeth and it helps to detox your body.

Above all, be happy. Find something that gives you an extra boost to your step. It will probably be a small detail like a flower design on a fingernail. But, whatever it is, make it special and just for you and your beauty will shine through.

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