My Wish for Christmas Cheer

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m snug in my bed

With visions of Santa flying to my house in my head;

I’m happy and tickled pink right down to my toes

Because I’ve been a very good girl and Santa Claus knows.

It’s Christmas Eve and I can’t wait to see

The Christmas cheer that Santa’s bringing just for me.

I put out the cookies and some hot cocoa too;

I gave Santa my wish and I thanked him for it too;

It’s the same wish I gave him and made last year;

It’s on the list, he’s checked it and tonight he’ll be here

So, the holiday trimmings and the tree are all aglow;

And soon I will hear Santa yelling Ho! Ho! Ho!

When the sleigh is near, I’ll hear the sleigh bells ring;

If I listen closely, I may hear the reindeer sing;

I’m going to look out the window to see Rudolph’s big red nose

As he leads Santa Claus where ever he goes;

My wish is that boys and girls, and grownups too

Will have a very Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!

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