Chromium is a Great Diet Aid

Remember when the diet craze first began? That is close to telling my age. Back in those days we did not have hundreds of things to choose from to help us lose weight.

In the beginning, one of the first things that became popular was chromium. It was called the “new superstar” for weight loss. It was said that you could lose up to 20 pounds fast. I am assuming this means if you take the chromium along with exercise and a sensible diet. The problem is that when people read these types of articles, they think they can take the pills and “pow,” the weight is going to go. But it just isn’t that simple.

Chromium is a traditional weight loss tool that doctors can suggest to their patients to help them win the battle of the bulge. Chromium is an all natural nutrient that works at the cellular level to help boost your metabolism. It compares to “hitting a switch” to start burning up more fat, which also then adds extra energy while burning the fat. So you are getting more energy while burning fat. Who among us does not need extra energy?

According to a study at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, researchers discovered that women taking the right type of chromium and the right dosage, saw a big transformation in their bodies. As a part of their diets, the ladies lost weight and gained slender lean muscles. Believe it or not, you will be looking thinner thanks to your new, lean look. According to this study, these ladies were 100% more successful in turning flab into lean muscle. Lean muscles burn more calories also help to lower cholesterol. I hate to make it sound like the super nutrient, but it also improves the effectiveness of insulin which will dramatically affect your weight.

This nutrient was showing great promise but as other diet pills started to flood the market, chromium has gotten lost in the shuffle. Don’t run out and buy just any kind of chromium. You will find many shelves of them. Chromium picolinate is the preferred brand. The other forms are more difficult for your body to absorb. Also, do not take you vitamin C and chromium together. The vitamin C will interfere with your bodies’ absorption of chromium. As for the dosage, it would be best for you to talk to your physician about what dose is best for you. You could take what it says on the bottle but that is just the nutritional dosage, not the dietary dose to help you lose weight.

source: Prevention Health Books

Patricia Burke

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