Can you get sick from being out in the snow

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Being out in the cold weakens your immune system but doesn’t actually make you sick, just makes it easier for germs to infect you. [ Source: ]
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Can you get sick from being out in the snow
Being out in the cold weakens your immune system but doesn’t actually make you sick, just makes it easier for germs to infect you.

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can you get sick snow skiing?
Q: I just went snow skiing for the first time this past weekend in North Carolina. My husband and I are now planning a trip next month to breckinridge, colorado. i heard you can get sick from the high elevation. Ever had any experiences or any suggestions on how to avoid getting sick?
A: Altitude sickness may get you here in Colorado. Altitude sickness typically doesn’t hit for 24 hours after you arrive. Suggest you stay in Denver for a night to acclimate before hitting Breck. Drink a lot of water. Take it easy on the liquor and sugars until you know how you will react. People that also get motion sickness easily, seem to be affected by altitude a bit more than those that don’t.
can you get sick from just being in cold weather?
Q: its about 7 degrees outside right now, no rain or snow just cold. its midnight. if i went outside in t-shirt and swishy pants, could i get sick just by standing out there for a little while? also, what would happen in this situation IF my shirt was wet?
A: Your body maintains a typical 98.6 degree heat to keep all well. As your body heat decreases, so too does your body’s ability to fight infection. We are beseiged by viruses, molds, and bacteria on an every day basis, and in fact have them in our bodies at all times (some are good for us, some are bad, and some have no effect). That said, standing outside underdressed might lower your resistance. Standing outside underdressed and doing something stupid might lower it even more. However, all that said, I doubt you would get sick unless you were thinking of doing these things on a prolonged or routine basis.I’m really hoping it’s just a rhetorical question or to best your Mom when she worries about your attire … you really ARE NOT planning on becoming a statue outside in a wet T shirt, are you? 🙂
How many other parents are sick of the snow?
Q: We are in the midst of yet another snow storm. Honestly we have 3 – 4 feet of snow still on the ground. Are your kids as sick of the snow as you are? What are some things you do to make it better? We are going to spend the weekend at an hotel that has a huge indoor water park. Hopefully it will rejuvenate us all enough that we can get through the rest of winter!I am in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had a brief thaw but we got hit again last night with more in the forecast. 🙁
A: Not so much the snow, but for us it’s the crazy temps! This morning, it’s -34 Celsius, with the windchill making it -46 Celsius (-40 is the same in both F. and C.). It’s been absolutely insane! It’s been on and off like this since December.Oh, I’m on the prairies, in Canada.Forecast is for near zero Celsius (32 F) by Sunday. I’ll believe it when I see it!Have fun at the hotel! We can’t afford to do things like that, but just find things to do inside here!
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