Does it hurt to get moles removed

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There are different procedures to remove moles but there will be very little or no pain during any of the procedures themselves. [ Source: ]
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Does it hurt to get moles removed?
not sure what they’ll do for the one on your face, but the ones on your back, what they do is take two needles full of some fluid, and stick them both underneath both moles, and fill in behind it with fluid. Then they take a scalpel and saw…
Can I get certain moles removed as they hurt when I shave??
I’ve had a few moles removed from my neck, but your doctor probably won’t remove them unless they are cancer (or at risk of becoming cancer.) Even if you do remove them, moles can go quite deep into the skin and it’s very likely that you’d …
How much does it cost to get moles removed from face, and does it…?
i had a couple of moles removed a year ago and it did not cost me as much as i thought it would. the previous answer is correct, it is a dermatologist that does this type of procedure. removing a mole is relatively painless, and i did not g…

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does getting moles removed hurt?
Q: i have 2 moles on my face, and i don’t like the way they look. they’re healthy, there’s nothing wrong with them, i just dont like how they look on my face. does it hurt to get moles removed? if i dont HAVE to get them removed, is it worth getting them removed?how do they remove them?thx for any help.
A: I have had the same thing done and it is nothing. Your skin is numbed and the dermatologist using an instrument that scrapes the mole off sometimes with heat to burn it off to make certain it won’t grow back. You don’t even need aspirin afterwards only a little stinging for the rest of the day. It is so simple and worth it to have them removed.
Does getting raised moles removed hurt?
Q: I have a small raised mole on my back that i have had for 5 years will it hurt getting tooken off my mom said shes had it done before and you don’t feel anything. is that true please helpthey were talking about the slicing thingthat sound like it hurts really bad but she said it doesn’t?
A: i have gone through mole-removal myself just about 2 years ago. There are a few methods to removing the mole. One of which is slicing it off (i know this sounds gross) and another is through LASER. i removed it through LASER and i can safely say that on a scale of 1-10, it only hurt like 3. i had a bad tummyache that hurt even worse =_=”. But your mom was a lil’ too exagerating the fact.
Does it hurt to get a mole removed off your foot?
Q: I have a cancerous mole on my foot and will have to get it removed. Will i have to get a needle i my foot? will it hurt, and does getting the mole removed hurt?
A: If the mole is a cancerous one, then a large excision will have to be made (I’m assuming that you are talking about a melanoma). In this case, a “field block” will be used, so that the entire foot will be numbed up, rather than just the cancerous mole itself. In that case, the needle will not be in the foot, but in the ankle area. In addition, it’s possible that they might be doing a sentinel lymph node dissection? If so, then it’ll be done in the hospital. Without more info, it’s really not possible to answer any more than this.
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