How can i quit smokin cigs

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Set a date for quitting. Have a friend quit smoking with you. Buy one pack at a time. Switch to a brand that you don’t like. Cha! [ Source: ]
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What did you do to quit smoking cigs?
It is key to stay positive, don’t focus on the cravings. Keep the reasons why you quit in the first place circling through your head. This will keep your spirit and motivation high. Cravings will ease as a result. If you keep your focus on …
Where do I go to quit smoking cigs?
Electronic Cigarettes! Have you heard of them? Many have not and they are great. (not a proven method for quitting but lots of smokers have switched and love it) happy to answer your questions if you do go this route. good luck on your p…
How long after you quit smoking cigs. will you pass a spit test??
Nicotine is completly out of your system after 72 hours. If you are in the US, the only time you are going to get drug tested for cigs is・ A. Your parents are too dumb to realize you are smoking on their own ・ B. For insurance purposes. Pr…

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when you stop smokin cigs, can you get preg. faster?
Q: does quitting cigarettes help with the chances of getting pregnant? and if so why? thanks..I know smoking is very bad for your baby and yourself, i just wanted to know ifit would help you get last cigarette was 7days ago, yippy..congrats to
A: here is a link to an article that says that yes it does affect fertility in a harmful way,,43zd,00.html
my life is boring?
Q: no hs diploma no extra income no girlfriend no friends, quit smokin cigs and weed after 9 years of steady smokinghigh school was totally different i loved life now it sucks seems pointless
A: I dropped out of school when I was 16 years old and was still in the 9th Grade in HS. When I was 19 someone talked me into getting a GED so that I could get a good job. I did and without having to take any preparation classes first. I was pretty happy about that. However, the guy that talked me into getting my GED couldn’t get me the job that he promised. I was really upset and felt like that I got my GED for nothing. Some years later I decided to give community college a try and maybe get an associates degree to even get me a better job. One thing lead to another and I found that I liked college much more than high school. I have a degree in Economics and will have my MBA by December of this year. Looking back, I am really happy that guy talked me into getting my GED. It is never too late to get started living life because you never know what you can find out about yourself. “Success is not a destination, its a journey” Just a thought, I’m Joe
Why do i get a headache when i run?
Q: I went to my first Drill for the Army this weekend and we had the PT Test, i passed everything else but the run, its a 1 mile in 8 min. I quit smokin cigs the first of the month, i went from a 13 min mile to a 10. I prob could have got a high 8 min or low 9 but i caught a cramp right in my lower right abdomen on the 3rd lap and it slowed me down. Anyways, everytime i run a mile or more i get a headache like right behind my eye most of the time but it goes away about a hour after.
A: Dehydration.
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