How else can I

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Exercising regularly and abstaining from alcohol can decrease your hormone level. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is kissing someone else cheating?
I had the same question and i dont really think it is as long as the other person doesnt find out! Yes because if its a secret then its cheating
How to Deed Property to Someone Else
・ 1 Perform a title search and purchase title insurance, as this is the only way to prove the property… ・ 2 Determine which type of deed you wish to use to transfer the property. Transfer complete ownership… ・ 3 Grant temporary ownershi…
How do you be someone else?
its possibale, however you have to have a brain not really bodies but same thing ask your doctor if you can have your brain swapped with another person but who u want to be swaped with has to ask with you and approve -Peace-

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my contacts list will not open from the main page. everything else seems to work. How can I open my contacts?
A: You have three ways (at least) to access your Yahoo! Contacts.1) Via your Yahoo! Address Book at or .2) Via your Yahoo! Mail account. Go to . Click the Contacts link on the left side.3) Via your Yahoo! Profile. Go to . Click the “Contacts” link in the tab at the top. Also, you can go directly to the page at .See for more information about Yahoo! Contacts. If you still can’t access your contacts via any of the above methods, you should make sure that your browser is updated (including the Flash plug-in and Java options) OR try a different web browser. If that doesn’t help, contact the Yahoo! staff via the Help Form at .
Does anyone else feel this way? How can I change?
Q: There are days where I can’t absolutely stand myself. I hate it. My whole frickin life is one big contradiction. I want people to see me who I really am, but yet I’ve created this image of how I want to be, and how I want others to perceive me. It’s so stupid; I’ve created these expectations for myself just so I can fail and hurt me. But if I don’t, I will go INSANE. I feel like people expect me to look perfect, have no flaws, and be happy-go-lucky, but I can’t. And on top of that, my own expectations for myself are twenty times harsher than those of others. And I hate failure! I hate disappointing myself when I know I could do better. And when I fail, I feel like I deserve nothing at all; that I’m worthless and pathetic… I feel like I’m not good enough for my own self… I don’t know what to do, and when I began to dwell on my own problems, I start to hate myself even more because it’s so selfish of me to worry about myself when many people would kill to be me. And then I think of people with serious problems like being homeless, sick, or dying and I get even more disgusted at my shallow pettiness… Does anyone else ever feel this way? And how can I get rid of feeling like it…
A: I hate myself sometimes, but for different reasons
One of my friends on facebook, only now shows their dispaly picture and nothing else. How can I do that?
Q: It shows we are still friends, but her name does not come up in my “search” box even. I see her listed as a friend when I click on a mutual friends page. When I click on her picture, it just shows up her picture and “info” with absolutely no other information. How is that possible? Can you restrict people that you are “friends” with that much?
A: Possible . Check Privacy Option
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