How can you get rid of pimples fast

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Some tips are 1. Keep you hands off of your face. 2. Wash your face gently with Warm water and a soft wash cloth 2-3 times a day. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Start by washing your face thoroughly. ・ 2 Boil some water in a tea kettle. Once steam starts coming out of teakettle, hold your head over teakettle… ・ 3 Use qtips or cotton balls(I prefer cotton balls) between your 2 pointer fingers …
Here is a very detailed list of all acne and pimple home remedies that you can carry out within your daily routine. * The juice of one fresh lime added to a glass of boiled whole milk (a tsp. of glycerine may be added for dry skin) is exc…
You’re probably going to be shocked by this, but I have tried it and it actually worked… (I think I read about it in a magazine) Dab just a bit of toothpaste on it. It needs to be the PASTE type of toothpaste though, not the gel type. You…

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how do i get rid of scars and pimples fast like overnight?
Q: i need them gone because I have something very important…. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
A: You cant get ride of a scar overnight, but they will fade eventually. I found a few things that work get rid of a pimple. You can dab a little toothpast on the zit and put a bandaid over it. or baking soda and water and dab (or tylon and water)it on and put a baindad. Leave it on over night. When you get up in the moring wash your face like normal, But rinse with cold water to reduce the redness. If you want leave a ice cub on it for as long as you can. then a oil free moisturizer and a conclear. but put the conclear heavyer around the zit, not alot or non at all on the zit you dont want it to look your trying to cover anything and has the day go it will look worse. Get plent of sleep, drink water. Good Luck! (: hope this helped.
how do you get rid of pimples fast?
Q: I have a few groups of pimples that just poped up. I need to get rid of them fast! They look extra red and horrible on my white white skin. Preferably home remedies that work fast!
A: Apple Cider Vinegar. It has to be the apple cider kind – not distilled (the white kind). It will dry them up and clear up the infection below.
How can i get rid of pimples fast?
Q: i need to know how to get rid of pimples fast and prevent them. thank you for the answer.
A: Well to get rid of them FAST, like OVERNIGHT, See this.Gather all materials beforehand — see “Things You’ll Need” below. You might want to store them in a waterproof resealable bag, such as Ziploc. I’d recommend wearing either old clothes or a bathrobe over whatever you are wearing. There is a definite possibility this is going to spill. After you have found everything on you checklist, head to a large, flat, waterproof surface. This is probably your bathroom. Having this room be private is highly advised; you can’t just say, “Get out, I’m flattening a pimple,” can you The Method Salt the water thoroughly — much more than you think it needs. Dip one cotton ball in the salt water. Wait for 30 – 60 seconds. Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping. Place the damp cotton ball over your large, oh-my-goodness-I-cannot-go-to-the-prom-w… zit. If you have several of these grouped together, try to place the cotton ball over them all. Glance at your watch/clock. Wait exactly three minutes. Remove the cotton ball after the time is up. The zit seems to be nearly gone, but it is only the top that has dissolved. Your acne is still there. Take the other two cotton balls and place them on either side of the despised pimple. Slowly, move them closer together until the tiny bump is flattened. Congrats! You’ve just conquered that giant of a pimple — forever. Tips Don’t forget the last two steps — they are crucial. Be sure to follow these steps closely. Dipping a cottonball in fresh water as opposed to salt will not work, for instance. You might want to bring a book — either waterproof or one that you do not care about being splattered in water. Those three minutes can get boring. This is your best bet for monster zits that simply sneak up on you. For long-term healthy skin, cleansing and toning is also important. Warnings Please, PLEASE, do not assume this is permission to “pop” pimples. Doing so can cause major scarring. Please don’t pop them. If you stop after the top is dissolved, I must warn you: it will come back. Maybe not in the next five minutes, but during the course of an hour, it will come back. Things You’ll Need 3 or more cotton balls Lukewarm tap water Cup to hold the water in Salt
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