How can you treat back spasms

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Painful back spasms should be treated by massage, preferably by a trained chiropractor. After the pain has subsided, the chiropractor will teach you specialized exercises to help reduce continuing pain. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Treat back spasms with cold initially, such as a ice pack, to limit swelling and blood flow, both which… ・ 2 Rest as much as possible during the first two to three days, if needed, to allow the muscle injury… ・ 3 Elevate your legs t…
spasms are caused by strain on the back muscles . Resting (in bed if possible) for a short period of time may relieve the spasms , though resting for more than a few days may make the problem worse.・ 5 Things You Need to Know About What Cau…
How to Treat Back Spasms. Back spasms send many people to the doctor and emergency room each year to deal with the excruciating pain and sometimes fear. While serious medical conditions can cause bank spasms, a herniated disc or sports inju…

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How to you treat muscle spasms in back?
Q: How to you treat muscle spasms in back?I have amuscle spasm below my left shoulder blade that feels like I am being stabbed by a knife. How do I releive the spasm without going to a chiropractor or taking muscle relaxers?
A: I use to have very bad muscle spasms in my lower back and I would take 1 asprin and rotate heat and ice and that would help some
How do you treat muscle spasms in your back?
Q: At baseball practice today, I was running and then I got a muscle spasm in my back. I also have a game tomarrow and want to play really bad. Do you think it would be healed by tomarrow, 5: 00PM?
A: You should heat before activity and ice after activity and at intervals throughout the day. Also, take Aleve (2 tablets twice a day) or Advil (3 tablets three times a day) if it’s sore. Some stretching would help as well.
What kind of doctor would treat severe neck spasms/back pain?
A: An orthopedist.
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