What can you do to help lower a fever

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To help a fever, drink plenty of fluids. Suck on an ice cube or flavored ice, or drink iced fruit juice or chilled clear broth. Dress lightly and keep the room temperature between 70 and 74 degrees F. Use a blanket if you feel cold. MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-help-lower-a-fever ]
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Will a bath help lower my child’s fever?
Used together, acetaminophen and a lukewarm bath may help lower a fever. Give the acetaminophen before the bath. If the bath is given alone, your child may start shivering as his or her body tries to raise its temperature again. This may ma…
Would exercise help lower a fever?
No. You have to rest. Fever is a defensive mechanism to kill germs.
Does Orange Juice help lower a fever?
No. But when you have a fever you should drink lots of liquids and orange juice is as good as anything. Some people believe that large doses of vitamin C can help cure a cold, or at least help the cold pass more quickly. But this is not ora…

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What is a good way to lower fever for a three yr old?
Q: My son is running a fever and I can’t find any good remedy’s online about it already giving him tylenol just not sure if thats the best way
A: First of all you should not mess around when a 3 yr old child is running a fever . The first thing you do, if the fever is high run a luke warm bath (meaning cool! not hot not cold), to bring the temperature down, ring the new health line they have ,with professional staff waiting to answer your question regarding any aspect of health. they can tell you what medication is safe and what amount is safe. When you are dealing with children, you must be very careful what you give them. If you distantnt to ring them then ring you doctor or local hospital (casualty dep), and they will advise you what to do. always look for a reaction if you give a baby or child any medication., and never give any thing unless you know what you are giving them.Danton know how long ago you gave the child tylenol? but just see if it has brought down his temp, as a baby can go into convolutions very quickly
If an adult has a very high fever and it doesn’t lower, what will they do in the hospital to help it?
Q: What do doctors do in the hospital to try and lower the fever?
A: Besides giving tylenol, they can use cooling blankets. If the body temperature is severely high all over, they can even put a tube in each side of the abomen and run cool water through it to cool the person down more quickly.
How can I lower my fever?
Q: My fever is 102.4, and I want to know how to lower my temperature. I took a cold cold bath yesterday, and I wonder is taking cold baths good for a fever? I have taken tylenol, and my throat is a bit raw, and I don’t feel like throwing up. I’m also on my period.
A: NO! You did something very wrong. A cold bath will only make you sicker, you see in movies that people in high fever lay on snow and stuff but it is only for extreme situations. I will give you some advice. Like in your bed. Cover your body. Make yourself sweat a bit. If you sweat your temprature will drop eventually. If does not just go see a doctor. That would be my best advice.
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