How safe is the depo shot

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Studies released in 2004 show that Depo Provera is associated with a loss of bone density resulting in an increased risk of MORE [ Source: ]
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Is sex without a condom while on the depo shot safe?
You might be protected from pregnancy but not from disease.
How long after taking the depo shot are you safe to have sex??
i am 13 and ive had the shot. and i asked my doctor and its 24 hours. to 2 dayss.
Is it safe for women with pcos( polycystic ovarian syndrome) to t…?
i have discussed this with my endo and gyno previously (i have PCOS) and I know someone on it (doesn’t have PCOS). One of the main issues with PCOS is an irregular menstruation cycle and the depo shot PREVENTS you from getting your period a…

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Is the depo-provera shot a safe method of contraception?
Q: Ive been on the birth control pill for 3 years now and lately I’ve been forgetting to take it occasionally, so I’m thinking of switching to the depo shot. I’m unsure about the shot tho, I dont know what the side effects are and I heard that it weakens your bone density. What do u know ahout the shot???
A: yes it is safe for the followig reasonsa) you dont have to rely on taking a pill or anything , its automaticb)You get the most insane mood swings that the sight of your partner wants to make you scream at him hence no sexc) you have no libido so eve if you are having a good day (hahaha) you dont want to have sexd) when you are not angry and fighting you are depressed and want to crybut remember once you take it there is no going back – you are stuck with it for 3 months… other side effects were – really really bad skin ( stil not back to normal and ist been 4 months) didnt get my period, only came back a week ago YAYhair got all dry and grossjust the mood swings – MY GOD! it was horrible but i had a flat mate who loved it she had been on it for 2 years!!!!! – it affects everybody differntly
when should i feel safe with the depo shot?
Q: I have received the depo shot about 3 months ago.but i still fear of having sex without protection so i wonder when should i feel safe of having sex even though the depo is never a 100%. and what are the chances of me getting pregnant? help me out thanks
A: Within 24 hours of hte shot, you are good to go. It makes your body think that you are pregnant so you usually stop ovulating and the lining of your uterus thins. Long term though, Idon’t think the shot is agood idea. I wa son it for 7 years. It totally screwed me up, I know laot of girls that had the same problems. Nothing is 100%. The shot is probably hte most effective form of birth control but there is always a small chance. Very slim chance. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting pregnant, I would be more worried about std’s. Good luck babe!
is it safe to try to get pregnant while ur body is getting rid of what is left of the depo provera shot?
Q: i just got off depo shot in feb. of this yr. me and my boyfriend of almost 10yrs are tring to get pregnant and i have been bleeding since april non stop everyday. when will this stop and is it safe for us to try? cuz my mother in law said we should wait till the shot completely wears out of my body cuz this could cause miscarriage. with my constant bleeding. i also have had lups all over my breasts for a month in half too. took a preg. test tested neg. but it is so tender i cant even do my own breast exam. if anyone has any advice that would b helpful till i get into a doctor please dont b shy tell me. thanks heather!
A: judging by your constant bleeding and tender brests, also the…lumps i think is what u meant, but just with those 3 factors i would highly advise a trip to your OBGYN, as far as getting pregnant, i too would advise that you wait till your completly over the shot, a couple of months of waiting and having a healthy baby is better than even the slight risk of a miscarrage or deformity to your child
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