Is it ok to mix aderall and concerta

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Concerta is not on the list of contraindicated medications for Aderall that doesn’t mean it is a safe combination. Please take according to your doctor’s instructions and see your doctor with any questions about your medications. [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to mix an adderall xr 20mg with a concerta 54mg??
You’ll be fine. You just won’t seep tonight. I wouldn’t anyhow. I have taken both these meds. There both for ADHD. The concerta is a bit milder than the adderall. One piece of advice though. Don’t snort the addies. It burns like hell.
Can i mix adderall & concerta?
Your doctor can tell you if its likely okay for you but its certainly okay for some people as they have mentioned on this forum they use various amphetamine formulations in combination with various methylphenidate formulations. Though readi…
What happens when you mix an upper like adderall or concerta and …?
Please don’t try to find out. I have witnessed this being done, and it resulted in heart attack.
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