What are extremities

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The outermost or farthest point or portion. On a human, our extremities are hands/fingers or feet/toes. Thanks for asking! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-extremities ]
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What are the extremities?
The extremities are the appendages of the body: arms, forearms, thighs, legs, fingers, and toes.
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Why is your blood important in keeping extremities warm?
Every part of the body is consuming energy taken from food. This undergoes chemical reactions that has heat as a by-product. Thus, all the body parts are ideally giving out heat. However, since extremities or body parts such as the skin w…

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What do these symptoms of swollen stomach and lower extremities mean?
Q: Edema in lower extremities (goes away at night but comes back quickly upon arising)with petechiae on feet, abdominal swelling like 7 or 8 mo pregnant, difficulty breathing and SOB with mild exertion or when stomach swollen, lightheadedness when exertion continued, fatigue, mental dullness. Using inhaler very frequently. B/P and pulse rate increasing.
A: These symptoms mean you need to visit the ED!Sounds like congestive heart failure or possible liver disease. Both which need to be managed aggressively to avoid serious complications. If you are having difficulty breathing and do not have relief with an inhaler, then you need to seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms are concerning.
Why do the extremities go red when cold?
Q: Just something I’ve been wondering. From my understanding:When we are too warm, our blood capillaries dilate to move heat towards the body’s surface to lose heat and so parts of our body go red.When we are too cold, our blood capillaries constrict to move heat away from the body’s surface to keep heat in and so parts of our body go pale.So how come, when we are too cold, extremities such as the hands and ears appear to dilate and go red?Thanks for any answers,Matthew.
A: Hmmmm, i don’t know.I think that when its really cold places where heat production isn’t as sufficient go red because its like pain hitting your skin when your cold like a stinging effect. Say, if you pinch yourself now you’ll go red in that area. I think its the same in the cold when there isn’t an efficient circulatory system for heat to expand.
Is maggot therapy only used on wounds on the extremities?
Q: Maggot therapy has apparently proven to be very successful in treating wounds that otherwise wouldn’t heal- such as a diabetic foot ulcer- the maggots eat the dead tissue, as well as the bacteria, and somehow stimulate the growth of new tissue..Can maggot therapy be used on burn victims to eat away burned tissue? How about on internal injures, such internal abscesses or even cancerous tumors?Is maggot therapy only used on extremities?Can maggot therapy fight off gangrene, given that they only eat dead tissue?
A: Maggots will eat any dead tissue, so that’s a negative on the cancerous tissue because it’s still living tissue, It will eat burned tissue.
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