What are ways to heal sores in your mouth

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Best way I have found is to swish hydrogen peroxide in my mouth & then spit it out. I get canker sores all the time & this works. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-ways-to-heal-sores-in-your-mouth ]
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What is the easiest/quickest way to heal a mouth sore??
one pinch of salt in a cup of water–gargle every 2 hours-do not swallow it. believe it or not? salted crisp are good to heal it. x

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What’s an easy way to heal sores in your mouth?
Q: i got braces a few months ago, and everytime i get them adjusted, i end up with cuts on the inside of my lips and sores all in my mouth. my orthodontist says they’ll go away soon but they’re not. please help me.
A: Yea, braces sure do suck. Get some of that wax to protect the places where the wires rub against your cheeks. It really helps.
fastest way to heal sores in mouth?
Q: i have some on the inside of my lips either from smoking or making out too much or too rough lol whats the FASTEST way to get rid of them?thanks!
A: gargle with salt water
Whats a fast way to heal mouth ulcers(canker sores) fast?
Q: Like home remedies or medications you can use?
A: Mix up some salt in water and gargle. Repeat through out the day.
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