What are X rays

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X-rays have smaller wavelengths & higher energy than ultraviolet waves. We usually talk about X-rays in terms of their energy. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-x-rays ]
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X-rays are a form of high energy (high frequency) electromagnetic radiation. They will be of a higher frequency than ultraviolet (UV) light, but of a lower frequency than gamma rays. An X-ray is also the term we apply to the process of “…
X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, which sits between gamma and ultraviolet on the spectrum. Their penetrating power is useful in diagnostic medicine.
X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate clothing, body tissue, and internal organs. An X-ray machine sends this radiation through the body. Some of the radiation emerges on the other side of the body, where it expo…

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How do they take X-rays at basketball or football games when a player hurts themselves?
Q: I can’t imagine there is a technican with a X-ray table onsight at a Arena or stadium and most of the time they know results of x-rays in a game . When most people wait hours or days ….
A: They usually have a machine at every arena/stadium. The last time a had an x-ray (about six years ago) it took about one minute to develop the film.
What happens to the emitted x rays when the number of electrons striking the anode of an x ray tube increases?
Q: do they increase or decrease in energy? does the number of emitted x rays increase or decrease?and does the penetration power of the emitted x rays increase or decrease?
A: Since the Xray is generated by the Bremsstrahlung effect..The electron hitting the atom of the anode is just slowing down and that generates the XRAY.. photonThe next electron hitting that same atom would generate the same effect if it hit it right after the other one. So the number of electrons hitting the anode should have no effect.Even if two or three electrons were to pass by a single anode nucleus they should all loose roughly the same kinetic energy had they passed by a atom singly..The penetration should remain constant.The only difference should be the number of xrays emitted. possibly a slight decrease in Ke and thus penetration depending on the area of the anode.Hope that helps..
What is the correct way to store medical x-rays?
Q: I have my x-rays and I do not know proper storage – temperature, horizontal or vertical, type of or material for box. Can anyone help me?
A: I’ve always stored mine flat (horizontal) but I’m not sure it makes a difference. I think the biggest factor would be light deteriorating the image, so keep it in the envelope they give it to you in (I got mine in a cardboard envelope kind of thing).
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