What do they do for a womens physical

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A woman’s physical examination usually includes listening to the heart, lungs, looking into the ears, throat, nose. They will weigh, measure and take your blood pressure. Usually blood work is requested to check insulin, cholesterol etc. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-they-do-for-a-womens-physical ]
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What are Womens Physical Check-ups like?
There is nothing to be scared about it doesn’t hurt as long as you just relax and don’t tense up. They will do a pap smear and a breast exam. There will be a female nurse in there with you as well while the doctor is examining and she will …
What goes on in a womens physical?
A standard gynecological exam is not a big deal–and can save your life, if something is wrong and it’s detected early. The nurse will take your height and weight and blood pressure. Many do a one-drop blood test to be sure you have enough …
What are the physical changes in a womens body after marriage??
Sorry, but this is the Fish section You might want to try this question under family and relationships in marriage and divorce

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What does a man’s physical check up entail, to they screen for STDs Like well womens check ups?
A: With men you can tell if you have something or not real fast!First is burning when you urinate then pain in the pelvic region, then outbreaks etc..Its very visual to a man and not so much for a women.But the process is simple.My yearly consists of going to the health department (they’ve seen it all)They weigh you, ask you questions (most of my buddies lie, due to embarrassment) like unprotected sex, with straight bi etc, how long ago, had symptoms of certain diseases, etc, have you used needles, slept with someone who used needles…all that stuff.Then a nurse puts a cotton swab in the shaft of the penis and swirls(yes swirls! Infection or not, this is pain full!)then they put it on a petry dish and grow microorganisms, bacteria etc..Then they give you a number to call about your test results.I DREAD THE Q-TIPP when I go for my yearly.Ive been with the same women for 5 yrs and I still go and get a yearly.
Questions abt womens physical appearence and assets.?
Q: 1. Is there true that all women add weight after marriage or some of them don’t.2. Why do women’s weight increase after marriage what is the reason behind it.3. If a girl is lean or slim and her breasts are small. Will her breast increase after marriage not cos of lactation but before pregnancy . she can gain weight and she can eat fatty foods but is it necessary that fat will accumulate in her chest .4. Some womens’ fat accumulates at the stomach and chest . there are fat in these areas and the ass is not fat.Some womens’ fat accumulates only at the buttocks and stomach and their chest remain small.and some women have symetrical distribution of fat all over their body including chest, stomach, and buttocksSo can u tell the reasons behind all the three cases??.and how can we have symetrical distribution of fat if it is not happening. i mean fat is accumulating only in the stomach area and or only in the buttocks. can we do something to stop it.5. Some women ass is fat but not in shape. sometimes it is flat and fat , someone has wide ass. what is the reason behind it.6. what determines the shape to the assets, the muscles or the fat.or is it any other thing?how can we have shapely assets.?7. some people eat a lot but don’t get fat. Is it the case that the rate of fat accumulation is slow compared to average people ( i mean they will get fat but after eating much more than others and taking more time in the process) or they just wont get fat no matter how much fatty food they eat and for how much long time ( months) they keep eating it?8. how can we ascertain that where will the fat accumulate of a person who is currently slim. On the buttocks, stomach or chest or symetrically all over the body.9. Is it possible that a girl keeps eating a lot but doesn;t get fat.may be due to genes. considering that she doesn’t do much physical exercise or work.Can u forecast what will happen to such kind of girl.ji am mailing from new delhi , India. and asking abt indian women. just wanted to tell may be that is relevant..ok thank u.i really appreciate your help.take care.God bless.
A: 1. Many women do gain weight, but not everyone. 2. While women are still seeking a mate, they always try to look their most attractive and they watch what they eat more. Once they’ve ‘caught’ a man, they sometimes stop putting so much effort into their appearance and gain weight.3. She may or may not gain fat in her breasts, but unless she is VERY young, she will not gain any more breast tissue. If a woman has a lot of fat and not much tissue in her breasts, they will be saggy.4. The only reason for fat distribution is genetics. Everyone is different. There is no way to change it. However, the distribution does seem to change with the amount of weight gained. For example: the first 10 pounds goes mostly to the hips, next 20 to stomach, next 10 to breasts, etc. So a woman who looks unbalanced at 20lbs overweight may actually look better at 40lbs overweight.5. Again, genetics- though pregnancy tends to widen a woman’s hips a lot (to help the baby pass through), so if she doesn’t have much fat on her butt, she’ll have a wide, flat butt. It’s possible to build up the gluteal muscles to make the butt bigger, but it takes a long time and may not give the wanted results.6. Mostly genetics again! Fat will be saggier than breast tissue, but many skinny women have a larger fat to tissue ratio that you’d expect.7. There’s a certain point past which anyone will get fat- it’s just different for everyone. People who can eat a lot like that have a fast metabolism. They burn calories quickly, but there will always be a number of calories they can eat per day to gain weight. Metabolism often slows with age, so a 20 something who can eat a ton and not gain may turn into a 30 something who is used to overeating and suddenly gets fat.8. You can’t know until they gain! Looking at the parents may give you a clue, but you never know if they’ll get the rare-giant-ass gene from Great Aunt Sue everyone forgot about.9. Yes, it is due to genes. Her metabolism will slow later in life, but as long as she adjusts her food intake, she will not necessarily gain weight.
Is a womans face a part of a womens physical feature? I know dumb question. Anybody know?
A: I would think so, though some women dress and some men act as if their features stop at the neck.
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