What happens if you get shot

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Well I assume you would be in excrutiating pain for starters, then I would head to the nearest ER. Thanks for doing the ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-get-shot ]
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What if we get shots and they don’t?
I know, still a bad idea…but at least it gives me some pleasant fantasies. Confucius says, “Do not reach across aisle with remaining hand.” by AdmiralNaismith on Wed Sep 30, 2009 at 08:37:42 AM PDT Parent
Why your child may not get a swine flu shot
This week, the Obama White House released a very partial record of those who had visited since January 20, 2009. This it hailed as ‘transparency like you’ve never seen it before’ and as the beginning of a new White House visitor transparenc…
Should anyone get first shot at a shot?
Dear Sharon: I don’t understand the ethics of giving health-care workers the H1N1 vaccine before the rest of society. It’s as though certain professions are deemed more equal than the rest of us. G. *** Dear G.: There is no easy way to answ…

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What happens if you get the flu, and you never got the flu shot?
Q: just wondering.
A: you get the flu duh…. its the governments way of making money and trying to build up immunities to the flu.
If a person is shot in temple up close with a handgun What happens to the body?
Q: I need detail for a book I’m writing. I’m looking to see which way the body would initially jerk. Would blood splatter or ooze out? Would the body convulse assuming the person is dead. Thanks
A: As far as my being a funeral director/embalmer; I have seen several different scenarios. What you would need to do is contact your local homicide department or talk with your county medical examiner. Someone who has been closely trained with noticing the direction of splatter marks. It also depends on the caliber of the bullet and how far the gun is being held from the head. Not all bullets shot into the head have an exit wound either. Take care and good luck with your book.Check out Stiff:The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. A very interesting read.
What happens after you receive a flu shot?
Q: I know the general answer is that your body is fighting off the virus and it eventually after 1-2 weeks figures out how to do so and you’re then imune to that strain…but I’m curious what’s actually happening…say I just received the dead flu vaccine (not the flumist with live weakened virus) – does it multiply in your body and do your white blood cells attack it?Basically I’m asking – why two weeks? What’s going on in that time period besides the generic “You’re body is figuring out how to deal with it” etc…looking for actual scientific research.Thanks!Thanks for the fantastic answer! When I have the opportunity it will deft. win best! One followup question – I was curious if what was okay to drink alcohol during this process – I don’t want to hinder what’s going on with the vaccine and make it either slow down or completely ineffective…any guidance? Thanks again for a great answer!
A: Your immune system is divided into the innate and the adaptive branches. The innate system is immediate because it recognizes and kills pathogens (bugs) based on structures that are common to lots of bugs. For examples, many bacteria have LPS, and some immune cells recognize LPS and then kill the bug. The adaptive immune system is the branch that takes 10d-2wks. The reason it takes 2 weeks is because there are a number of things that must first happen before an effective response is launched. First, Antigen Presenting Cells (a specific group of cells in your body) must find something that is non-self (to simplify, let’s just said non-self is “bad”). Then, it needs to take this bad piece of protein to the lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes, the APC presents the antigen (i.e., bad protein) to many, many, many lymphocytes and T cells. Remember how I said earlier that the innate system was non-specific? The adaptive system is SUPER specific. So for the APCs to find the WBC that is specific to the antigen, it takes time.Anyways, loads of things happen once the APC finds the WBC that is specific to the antigen. Eventually, proliferation occurs whereby the initial white blood cell divides into many clones that then go out into the body, recognize the bug, and kill it.Does this make sense? Post back if anything is unclear! :)Edit: I should also add that it is only by using the adaptive immune system that “memory” is generated. Memory (T and B) cells are specific cells that will stick around after a disease or vaccination. Thereby, the 2nd time the same bug comes into the body, these cells are ready and primed to go! That’s how vaccinations work. You expose your body to a (weakened) Antigen (bad protein), activate the adaptive immune system, and make memory cells. Then, when the “real bug” comes around, your body has seen it before and it becomes much quicker to activate the right cells.
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