What is the easiest way to stop cramps

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For relief of menstrual cramps, take an aspirin or Aleve, soak in a warm bath, have a lower back massage, and avoid caffeine. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-easiest-way-to-stop-cramps ]
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How to Soothe Menstural Cramps (Easy Way)
・ 1 Try to take pain medicine such as Tylenol Extra Strength, Advil, Aleeve or Motrin 800. ・ 2 If taking meds still does not ease your pain try taking a warm relaxing bath. This will allow you to… ・ 3 After taking your bubble bath go old…
What are some easy and effective ways to sooth out cramps WITHOUT…?
first off, good for you for not taking medication so: -drink a lot of hot tea regularly.. usually for me, 1-2 cups in the morning before your day then again a few cups before bed so you can sleep. -hot water bottle when you sleep (sleep pea…
Is there an easy drug-free way to treat Menstrual Cramps??
You have found it! Olga’s Relief therapy tape can relieve menstrual cramps, pain, headaches, even nausea for many women, without the need for drugs, chemicals or most other remedies. Olga’s Relief therapy tapes are small, compact, and eas…

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How to stop period cramps/bloating?!!?
Q: ughh every month i get lotsss of bloating and cramps and its getting irritating !!!! any easy ideas besides a million different pills?!? ):dude, im 14, my parents would kill me if i took BC.
A: Try midol for period cramps, the bloating have to go down by itself. =(
Easy way to get rid of leg cramps after concerts?
Q: It seems like every time I go to any show, my legs are cramped up the next few days, and it’s a tad painful. And suggestions to make them go away quicker or stop them completely? I’ve stretched before every show and it doesn’t seem to be helping.
A: make sure you drink plenty because dehydration is often linked with cramp also drinks like lucozade or powerade are good as they contain salt which helps keep you hydrated
easy way to get rid of menstral cramps?
Q: does anybody have any home remedies for menstral cramps….no pain killers or birth control…..like specific exercises or foods or vitamins or drinks that will atleast cut the pain so its not so major….i have been suffering from severe cramps since the middle school iam now a sophmore in college….iam honestly sick of them…they stop me from my work and going to school as well as sleeping during the night of the cramps….thanks
A: Drink a glass of wine, thats what I do and i Have never had cramps! Dont Masurbate, cut down on the cokes you drink when your on it if you drink cokes, and on lemons or lime, beer.
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