What makes swelling go down

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How do you make swelling go down?
it won’t go down that fast, try putting ice on it, 5 minutes on, 5 off for 20 minutes. you can also speed up the healing by brewing some tea, let it set until its warm not hot and hold it in your mouth. the tannic acids help heal and the wa…
Why do ice makes swelling go down?
Ice pulls the blood vessels close together(constricts them) and that decreases blood flow(bleeding) into the injury site….and that is why it helps to decrease swelling heat on the other hand opens up the blood vessels and causes blood to …
What makes the swelling of gums go down?
My dentist has told me that if I floss a lot it helps. God bless.

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Q: i got stung by a bee yesterday ive been icing it since then. my mom didn’t have benidiril so she just gave my teylinol before i went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore face so i iced it again. Today its still swollen! what’s something that makes it stop besides benidril? OH and i only have less than 2 hours!!!
A: wow. i wish i had a check.ooohhh! you mean CHEEK! well just put some ice on it to prevent swelling.
How do you make swelling go down after arm & hand surgery?
Q: I had work done on the veins, arteries and nerves in my arm and hand a week ago. My hand and fingers are disgustingly huge! Is there a way to get the swelling down or am I screwed? My hand looks so gross!!!
A: Ice and an anti-infammatory like Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.
How to make swelling in cold sores go down?
Q: I got sick and woke up with 2 cold sores, they werent that bad. Well 2 days later I woke up with another one that has caused my lip to swell! It looks like ive bit hit in that spot about 10 times. It embarrassing! Ive read that nothing works on cold sores. Ive tried Abreva a while back but it didnt work at all! Does anyone know of ANYTHING that helps heal these things or at least make the swelling go down?No ice, Ice only eases the pain. It causes the blisters to dry up and sometimes bleed. I forgot to mention that ive been dealing with these all my life. Im using carmex right now, it stops the tingling and itching but the swelling is whats getting to me!
A: you could try ice cubes for swelling to go down i use blisteez cream
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