What should I do for really really bad stomach aches

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One doctor advises that you “Cut a piece of ginger and suck on it.” If the pain becomes unbearable, you should probably contact your physician or local hospital. I hope you feel better soon! ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do-for-really-really-bad-stomach-aches ]
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Do you get really bad stomach aches when your pregnant??
I had cramps for the first few months but they were more like period pain not stomach pain, although i have stomach pain now but thats from not being able to eat properly because of the morning sickness!
Why am I getting really bad stomach aches?
I had the same thibng and it was my gallbladder..It also could be Gastritis,its inflammation of the stomach lining..I have taken Zantac but it didnt help..I take Prevacid to reduce the acid in my stomach and it helps..Good Luck.
Why do i always get really bad stomach aches after sex??
Maybe take things slower during sex or try different positions.

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Really bad stomach aches what should i do ?
Q: I am having really bad stomach aces and my mum said it was because i am not having a poo everyday i have not been for one for 4 days what should i do???
A: start drinking more water..possibly have your mom get you a stool softener from the drugstore/pharmacy. This is something that you will want to work on. Diet, exercise and plenty of water daily. And for the record its not your stomach that is hurting but your intestines as they are obviously backed up and prob not enough water to keep lubricated for easy movements through the bowel/intestine.
I get these really bad stomach aches please help?
Q: Quite frequently i get these really bad stomach aches or pains, they last quite a long time maybe 2-3 hours and they are really painful. Ibuprofen and paracetamol don’t work, lying down doesn’t either, eating and drinking doesn’t work, i can’t go to sleep because i’m in too much pain and i’ve even tried excercising but that doesn’t work either. Please help.
A: Are you under a lot of stress?How’s your diet?Exercising while in pain is not a good idea.I would say eat healthier and get a lot of water. Fiber would be important too because it may be constipation or any IBS problems.Maybe try taking Buscopan. That targets stomach cramps and spasms.Usually stomach aches have to do with a psychological problem. I used to get some pretty bad stomach aches. I think it was from stress.I used to get horrible stomach pain when I first went on the pill too.If the problem doesn’t stop then you should book an appointment with your doctor.
Why am I getting really bad stomach aches when I get my period?
Q: The first day I get my period every month, I get very bad stomach aches. They don’t feel like cramps, just a very terrible feeling. I am 13 years old. Help anyone 🙁 ?
A: When the hormones that support pregnancy decrease and your period begins, your whole system can get out of balance. And, you say “stomach aches”… are you talking vomiting and diarrhea??? What are you taking for your cramps?? I’d suggest taking a good vitamin pill every day of the week… that will help boost your immune system. Also, add yogurt with active cultures to your diet, daily. Get regular exercise and eat a good variety of foods… lay off the junk with salt and sugar and drink plenty of water… no colas with corn syrup or other hidden sugars and chemicals. You could ask your doctor for a prescription medication called ANAPROX to help with your cramps. It’s a medication that inhibits the release of a chemical in your body called prostaglandin. It causes the cramps.Good luck, hope this helps!!
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