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Do you have to be a girl to buy plan b

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Plan B OTC is approved to allow OTC availability of Plan B for consumers 18 years and older. Plan B remains available by prescription only for women 17 years and younger. You will need some proof of ID to purchase the pill. I hope that this helps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-have-to-be-a-girl-to-buy-plan-b ]
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Do you have to be a girl to buy plan b
Plan B OTC is approved to allow OTC availability of Plan B for consumers 18 years and older. Plan B remains available by prescription only for women 17 years and younger. You will need some proof of ID to purchase the pill. I hope that this…
Can any girl any age buy plan b? where, and how much??
depends on where you live, in Canada anyone can buy it regardless of age and you don’t need a parent, or you can go to a walk in clinic and they will just give it to you for free.
Is it true that only girls are allowed to go buy the plan B emerg…?
there is a brand new birth control called Keeping your legs together.. 100 % effective!

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Can you get Plan B Over the Counter in NH at any local pharamacy under 18?
Q: I need to get plan B tomorrow after unprotected sex monday night. i heard that girls of any age can get it over the counter at any pharmacy store in certain states (example being New Hampshire where i reside). Meaning, my girlfriend or i can get it, bring it up to the counter, pay and then leave happily. is this true and/or possible? Do you have to be 18 in NH to get plan B OTC at a convient pharamacy such as CVS, WALGREENS and RTIE AID? And do cvs/walgreens/rite aid have plan B to be bought over the counter? please anwser all 3 questions if you can!
A: I work at a Walgreen’s pharmacy in MA and you can get it over the counter at 18 but it is a lot more then if you get it through insurance. I believe it is the same in nh, but i am not 100% sure. You can always call a Walgreen’s and ask.If they do you only have to go to the pharmacy and they will ask for an id to make sure your 18 and then they can give it to you. Good luck! its better the sooner you use it
what do you think of “plan b” the morning after pill recently approved for otc purchase if u r 18 and older?
Q: okay, anyone 18 or older with proof of age can now buy the morning after pill otc. but what is stopping 18 and older girls from purchasing it in large quantitities and selling it? did the govt even think of that? apparently not! how stupid can they be? this gives girls the okay to have sex unprotected even more. I think the govt is being just as irresponsible as they are. I am so tired of hearing girls say “it just happend, or I wasn’t trying to get preg”. WTF is wrong with them? nothing “just happens”. everything is a process leading up to action. Your penis did not “accidently get in her vagina did it? you had to get together, go in the room(or wherever), lay down (or stand up for those of you who are gymnastically inclined) take your clothes off, and then do it. thats 3 or 4 chances to do the right thing, and in between all those chances you can’t put a condom on? WTF! take responsibility. don’t mean to be harsh, just venting and telling like it is!your right, its not the govts responsibility to regulate anyones sex life, but who gets stuck paying those irresponsible peoples mistakes? THE GOV’T! ME, YOU, TAX PAYERS!and teens are not the only ones being irresponsible, the “big kids r too”(adults).and maybe just maybe that’s part of the problem, not enough people reading the bible or going to church. you ever thought about that? please, give me a break.
A: Face it – people are not being responsible about having protected sex. Almost anyone can make a baby, but no-one has the right to create a child whose whole life will be spent suffering because of the stupidity and carelessness of it’s parents. Some people are too stupid to be parents. First choice for me is protected sex. If that doesn’t happen, and the woman gets pregnant, then the other choices are abortion or adoption. The morning after pill makes sense.If a woman is stupid enough to have unprotected sex then she is more than likely to catch an STD or even AIDs. Without the morning after pill she would pass on her diseases to the hapless infant. Better she makes the choice of terminating the pregnancy early than having a baby who is going to suffer agony before it dies.
Can my girl be pregnant if we had sex on her period?
Q: Alright yes some of you may be disgusted, please put that aside and answer my question. I heard that if you have sex in the shower her period stops. It did, so we continued to have sex without protection. We were going for a few and then I decided that A) This is just not right and B) I’m not a big fan of not wearing protection. So my question is what is the likely hood of her getting pregnant and whether or not I should buy Plan B. She got her period on Thursday and it is now Saturday. Should I be stressing the next month until she gets her next period?
A: Well contrary to what you heard, a woman’s period does not stop when you have sex in the shower. It will not be as noticeable because water will wash away any blood produced, but it does not stop.And you’re not a big fan of wearing protection all the time? Are you a big fan of becoming a father? Because that is what is going to happen if you don’t start being more careful. But if you are worried about this, then you obviously have a reason to be worried. But it is too late to get plan B now, it has already been 72 hours and it is no longer effective after that. So unfortunately, you are just going to have to worry about this until she gets her next period.It is highly unlikely that she will get pregnant because generally a woman does not ovulate during her period, but that doe not mean it never happens. You’ll just have to wait.
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