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What if you don’t have a heating pad

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The first and often most effective relief for menstrual cramps is an OTC pain reliever. ChaCha Rocks! Keep doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-you-don%27t-have-a-heating-pad ]
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What if you don’t have a heating pad
The first and often most effective relief for menstrual cramps is an OTC pain reliever. ChaCha Rocks! Keep doing the ChaCha!
How to Make a Heating Pad
・ 1 If you are going to add essential oils to make a pleasant-scented heating pad, lay the rice down and… ・ 2 You can choose what size you want your heating pad to be- and the size of the heating pad is going… ・ 3 Fold your towel, and s…
How to make a homemade heating pad
・ 1 Take a bag of rice and pour it into an old (but clean) sweat sock. ・ 2 Sew the sock shut. If you can’t sew, or can’t find a needle and thread, you can tie the end of the… ・ 3 Place the rice filled sock in the microwave for one to one …

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What kind of heating pad is best to use on my back. Infrared, or a microwave Heating Pad or some other kind.?
Q: Have chronic back pain. Would like to know from somebody who has used different kinds. Which one works and how good. I believe that the Infrared is very expensive. looking for something that helps other then pain meds. Also don’t want to waste my money. Please give good advice if you can. Thank You.
A: Get a hand towel and wet it so its damp all over, put it in a plastic bag and pop it in the microwave for 1 min, then place the bag and towel in a pillow slip, it will last for a long time and give you relief.
if you get burned at someones home don’t you file it Through the homeowners insurance company or the individua
Q: i got burned by a heating pad that my Fiancee’s had under his shoulder but it slid up-under me during our sleep. it was an accident and neither one of us were aware of the situation. can someone give us a little bit of advice on what to do????
A: Do you live there? Did you need emergency treatment? Were you drunk? I’m just trying to figure out how you can get a really serious burn sleeping on a heating pad – I always wake up when it starts getting uncomfortable. Anyway. If it’s not serious, get over it. If you were hospitalized with serious burns, you’re likely not going to be able to sue ANYONE, as the instructions on heating pads say don’t sleep with them. I don’t think your fiance was any more negligent than YOU were, and if you live there, you can’t collect under his policy anyway.My advice is, don’t sleep with heating pads. And don’t blow dry your hair in the bathtub, either. Your health insurance is going to cover the doctor visit.
What is the beat way to heat a wooden cage?
Q: I am gonna make a wooden cage for my leopard geckos to reed in but I don’t know how to heat them.can i use å heat pad or do i need to use å light?i would perfer to use a heat pad if you guys had any ideas,but I will use a heat light if necessary.10points best answer.
A: Actually a heat pads work fine, just remember to use a thermostat. If they work for my 4ft x 2ft x 2ft boa cages they will work for a smaller one. Wood cages hold heat much better than aquariums. Heat is lost because of the screen top and glass provides no real insulation.
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