Can a girl have her period when she is pregnant

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Many women report getting what seem like regular periods during early pregnancy. How can this be? First of all, it helps to MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can a girl have a period when shes pregnant?
I had periods until I was 6 mths pregnant. all the pregnancy tests about 20 in all were negative until I was about 6mths. I will never feel safe again lol,
Will a Girl Get Pregnant If She Is on Her Period??
・ A woman can become pregnant if she has sexual intercourse while she is menstruating. According to Kidshealth… ・ A woman may experience some vaginal bleeding at the time of ovulation, which may be confused with menstruation… ・ A woman …
Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex during her period??
She most certainlly can! The debate on whether or not a woman can get pregnant during her period has been going on for decades now. Just like every woman is different, so are her hormonal balances and hence her menstrual cycle. Though there…

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Can a girl get pregnant when she has her period?
Q: Hi i was just wondering if a girl can get pregnant if she is having her period as i have heard a couple of discussions in class and i would just like to clarify this thanks!
A: No it is not possible. The only way it MIGHT happen if she happens to have short cycles like 22 days and a man ejaculates in her, the sperm live for a few days, and then she ovulates and gets pregnant. Other then that there is no possible way. A period means she has already ovulated and the egg has been shed. she cannot get pregnant at this time.
Can you get pregnant from dry sex in underwear when the girl is on her period and she doesnt climax?
Q: 22 days ago me and my girlfriend had dry sex. We were both wearing underwear. She was on her period and had a tampon in. She didnt come. 22 days later shes 2 days later for her period. Will she be pregnant? Please reply with ansswers as soon as possible. Thank you
A: Do you even know how babies are conceived?No she is not pregnant.
Can a girl have her period when she is pregnant? my girl friend had her period and she though she was prego?
A: not a real menstrual cycle period, no. however, some women have ‘spotting’ after conception…
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