Can a girl still get pregnant while she is on birth control

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How effective it is depends on whether you take your birth control pills every day. Missing 1 pill raises chances of pregnancy. [ Source: ]
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Can a girl still get pregnant if you ejaculate in her while shes …?
While the chances are very slim, birth control pills are still not 100% effective.
Can a girl be pregnant while on Apri birth control if she still g…?
Even though it is rare, having a period does not always rule out pregnancy. In some cases, the body reacts to the pregnancy by allowing the myometrium to shed (the period) even though an egg is attached. Usually however, the period will be …

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if i dont pull out even with a condom can i still get a girl pregnant?
Q: ok so me and my girl friend have been steady for a while and we’ve been having sex every so often, she doesn’t take birth control but every time we have sex I use a condom. when i cum i always pull out even with the condom on, my question is if i dont pull out even with a condom can i still get a girl pregnant? im just wondering to be safe.
A: The most common answer you are going to get is that if you have sex….you can get her pregnant. Regardless of your birth control method or if you pull out….there is always a chance, very slim albeit…..but still a chance.
What can I do, his EX lied about being on birth control?
Q: Ok, here’s the thing. My boyfriend and i were together for more than 2 years and we went on a temporary break just because we saw each other everyday for that length of time and we both thought it was what we needed. But then a HUGE misunderstanding happened thanks to my so-callled brother and he told me my boyfriend didnt want to get back with me and my co-called FRIEND told my Boyfriend i was cheating on him. it was unfortunate but i gave all of his tuff back including my promise/engagement ring. he got everything back and so did i. nether of us really wanted to break up but at the time we didnt know about the lying that our loved ones had done. anyways. while we were apart we didnt talk. as much as we both wanted to we were both deeply hurt and didnt want to take the first step. we were apart for SIX months. During this time i started seeing another guy and he started seeing another girl after about 3 months. We were both so miserable without one another that we picked probably the most horrible people to be in relationships with because we didnt WANT it to work out with them. well, while we were apart my boyfriend and his new girlfriend had sex a few times. SHE told him she was on birth control but he still used a condom every time except twice. Those TWO times he didnt use a condom he happened to be very drunk. We both drank a lot when we were apart to try and get rid of the pain of missing each other. She knew he was drunk and that she shouldnt be having sex with him without a condom yet she never told him to put one one. and SHE got on top of HIM!!!!!!!!! That sounds like Rape to me!!now she is almost four months pregnant with a child she claims is his! Everyone ive talked ot says she lied about being on birth control. combune that with the fact that SHE had sex with someone that SHE KNEW was too intoxicated to consent. SHE got on TOP of him. SHE didnt tell the drunk guy to wear a condom! SHe LIED ABOUT BEING ON BIRTH CONTROL!The out of the blue, she is only TWO WEEKS pregnant at this point, She is DEMANDING that he pay child support! not only that! but she wants 60% of his income for child support!!!!!!!!! SIXTY PERCENT!!! SHE refused to get an abortion! SHE wants to keep this baby even though she is only 17 and shouldnt e having sex with him in the first place. SHE shouldnt have practically raped him!!!!!!!! SHE tells her family she is considering adoption when secretly she is telling her friends she is keeping it. Another weird fact. My boyfriend and i both thought he was shooting blanks. the entire time we dated i never got pregnant and we had really unsafe sex simply because i am going to marry him anyway ( i know that’s no excuse) but i really don’t beleive he can even help conceive a child. Infertility runs in his family. now he is deeply depressed because he THINKS that its his kid. he never wanted to have sex with her he said it bothered him which is why he ALWAYS wore a conom except when he was drunk. SHE shouldnt have lied about being on birth control and she shouldnt be having sex with someone she BARELY KNEW! now my life is going down the drain because this girl wants to ruin his life!!! He broke up with her after TWO Months because he didnt want to be with her and she called him up after getting back from a month long vacation in florida…we live in South Dakota… and says i think im pregnant and he goes crawling back because she claims its his. my boyfriend and i are back together happily and we dont wanna deal with the lying devil b***h for the rest of our lives together. ive wanted to marry this boy since i was 15! it hurts us both deeply that this girl is getting in our way. Not only is she going to take HIS income…HIS hard earned money (she doesnt even have a job!) but she’s going to be getting in the way of OUR marriage. that all still depends IF its even his kid. the only thing that is for sure is the DNA test that he wants when that kid is born.before this incident i was 100% pro life. i was against abortion. but in situations that deal with this type of ENTRAPMENT im totally for it. No man deserves to be USED and ABUSED just because the girl lied about being on birth control then practically raped him when he was too intoxicated to know any better! i want this LITTLE GIRL out of our lives forever. My boyfriend never wanted this kid. SHE wanted to keep it! SHE is lying to her parents! SHE is the one that isn’t even considering ADOPTION! THIs whole situation is just stupid because we figured out how much we missed being together… which was the whole point of us taking a break in the first place. we got the break we needed and SHE got the CHILD she wanted. WHY can’t she just LEAVE HIM ALONE??????? help me….here’s another thing… supposedly she cheated on him and admitted it to her friend who told my bf. and my bf had this friend that used to hang out with them when they were dating and she was always flirting with him hardcore while my bf was standing right there… and get this… AS SOON as they broke up she went RIGHT to him….and she keeps promising him that he won’t have to pay child support if he signs this magic document… but then she turns around and says she wants child support…. then she turns around and says she doesn’t want him around…
A: Answer mine? It is calling you!;_ylt=AqTlhTmTZ8Dxn35vgTdKSrrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090826074242AA54CtK
Pregnant and boyfriend gets another girl pregnant ?
Q: My story…First off I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I have very good grades and I am considered a great student. Yes I am guilty as charged of partying but what person my age isn’t. I had been dating my boyfriend for about 10 months when i found out i was carrying his child. I unfortunately conceived while i was on the Yasmin birth control pill. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with my baby girl Madilynn Faith. Her daddy recently was sent to Iraq. A couple of weeks ago I found out that he will be having a second child with another women. She is 15 weeks pregnant. this devastated me like no other. I want to confront him but I do not know what to say and also cant imagine how hard it will be for me to do this through a letter or cam. I also no longer want him to have anything to do with my baby girl. Every time I got to talk to him on cam we would talk about our growing baby and how much fun it was going to be to raise her together. I would show him my growing belly and all. And now all of that is ruined. I just dont understand what i did wrong for him to cheat on me and get another girl pregnant. my questions:Is it wrong for me to take my baby girl away from her father? He wants to be invoved in all ways ( at least i think he does).How can I know for sure that this women is telling me the truth when there is no way to prove that the baby is his until after her baby is born…What if i make a mistake in confronting him and it ruins our relationship because she was lieing to me.How can i confront him while he is serving another 3 months in Iraq?How would you react what would you do in this situation?I still get his money sent to me, we talk and write all the time and everything but i really dont know what or who to believe.this was his first time to go to Iraq. I ment that he had another 3 months to go. he has to be there for 6 months. he left in November
A: well first of all, i’d calm down if i were u. this girl might be lying just to upset u. if i were u, i wouldn’t confront him yet, not until he gets out of Iraq, i know it’s hard and all, but u gotta understand that it’s hard out there and anything can happen, u don’t wanna say something u might not mean as ur last words to him (i know it’s an upsetting thought of something bad happening, but it’s a possibility) so after he gets out of Iraq, u should just confront him by telling him that u heard from this girl that she’s pregnant w/ his baby and tell him u want some answers, don’t jump to conclusions yet, it might not be true, so just try to stay calm during the whole convo. i’m sure everything will work itself out.also, if it turns out true, there is no way of finding out whether he’s the father or not until the baby is born w/ DNA test, also, don’t try to shut him out of ur baby’s life, if he’s a good father, let him be that, don’t let ur own emotions get between a daughter and a father.
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