Can I be pregnant if I am spotting but have no cramps

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You may have some light spotting for a day or two at about the time when the fertilized egg burrows into the wall of your uterus. [ Source: ]
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Can spotting with no cramps mean your pregnant??
stopping the pill will screw up a cycle for quite awhile untill your body gets itself back on track. If you are concerned about pregnancy, take a test but you will probebly find a screwed up cycle for a few months or more and not mean anyth…

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im pregnant and spotting no cramps am i having a miscarriage?
Q: 1st pregnancy and started spotting light red to brown blood and small blood clots on sat. with no cramping. according to my last period im supposed to be 8 weeks. i went to the ER . A transvaginal ultrasound was performed and blood was withdrawn to check the hcg levels. the doc was only able to the yolk. He informed i was at 5 weeks and my hcg levels were at 11266. i was told that its possible i concieved later that usual since my periods were irregular. 2 days later my blood was withdrawn and my hcg levels were at 12964. Another transvaginal ultrasound and the doc was able to see more but no heartbeat and that my hcg level should be doubling. My doc seem surely convience that im having a miscarriage but i opted to wait and take another blood test and ultrasound in a week. i want a 2nd opinion and i asked to be seen by another doctor. its now wed and im still spotting but still no cramps. im hopeful that everything will be ok. if anyone can share their experience with me. if not the same or similar. the more i talk to people the more i feel better about the situation. thank you
A: my friend bled like that both her pregnancy’s in the first 3 months every month like it was her period..but with her second she started bleeding and didn’t stop bleeding..her doc gave her progesterone i do believe to stop the bleeding..and it worked shes due next month with a healthy baby boy! iv had a miscarriage before and i had verrrry severe bleeding and cramping so theres hope for you and i wish you the best of luck and hope everythings okay!
Q: I SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT 12 WEEKS NOW LAST PERIOD WAS FIRST WEEK OF JUNE.FRIDAY I STARTED TO HAVE LIGHT BLEEDING CALLED DOC. TOLD ME TO WAIT AND SEE IF IT CONT. IT STOPPED AND STARTED BACK A LIL HEAVIER BUT NO CRAMPS OR PAINS. SO I WENT TO THE ER SAT. DID TESTS ON BLOOD GAVE ME A ULTRASOUND.THEN DOC. IN ER SAID I LOOK 5 WEEKS (AND I CAN’T BE WENT TO DOC. IN JULY AND THEY SAID I WAS 5 WEEKS )THEN NO HEARTBEAT,BUT HAD HIGH HCG LEVELS.TODAY, SUNDAY STILL BLEEDING RED/BROWN/BLACK BLOOD NO CRAMPS NOT HEAVY AT ALL. WILL GO TO DOC. MONDAY TO SEE IF THE HCG LEVEL WENT DOWN OR UP BUT THE DOC. SAID COULD BE A MISCARRIAGE BUT I HAVE A VERY HIGH HCG LEVEL TO HAVE ONE AND AM SCARED AS OF NOW CAUSE I DON’T WANT THE BABY TO DIE. COULD THE REASON BE THAT AM SO SMALL AM 85 POUND WENT UP TO 89.9 POUND AT THE ER AND MY BF WAS BORN 3 MONTHS EARLY MAYBE CAUSE THE BABY TO BE GROWING SLOW.I BEEN EATING WELL NOT SMOKING OR DRINKING HAD LIL MORNING SICKNESS EVERYTHING WAS GOING WELL TILL NOW. PLEASE HELP???I think it maybe be ok since it seem like am not going though a miscarriage just spotting it seem like, no cramping and no pain or etc just light friend told me not to worry she been though the same thing and the baby just growing slow cuz me and my bf is small and slowly growing. other then that am fine and normal wish people said more positive things.their maybe hopelost baby Friday and had it this morning natural misscarrige it was a fetus still eyes,arms and legs and all dead :-‘(lost baby Friday and had it this morning natural miscarriage it was a fetus still eyes,arms and legs and all dead :-‘(
A: at 12 weeks there would be a fetal pole and heart beat I’m 9 weeks and at 5 weeks 6 days they saw a fetal pole and heart beat,it sound like a blightened ovum hun where the fetus and heart beat don’t develop I’m so sorry ,High HCG levels mean nothing mine are only 1800 at 9 weeks and ive seen my baby twice now and every thing is ok.I had a miscarriage in april and had very high HCG levels they were 23,000 at 6 weeks and i knew some thing was wrong then
I’m trying to figure out if i am pregnant, i have had bad headaches and cramps, some spotting, gaining weight?
Q: i had my period for 2 months and it was extremely short and light, i have been cramping starting the second month and very bad headaches, my back has been hurting and i am tired all the time. But some days i feel perfectly fine, then others i feel really bad. has anyone felt like this before? Im just trying to figure out if i may possibly be pregnant, i have also felt nauseous but no throwing up, can anyone help???
A: No you don’t seem pregnant but it would never hurt to go and take a test when you stop bleeding.
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