Can pregnant woman take sleeping pills

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No sleeping pills are Class A medications – those in which controlled human studies have demonstrated no risk to an unborn baby. [ Source: ]
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Are Sleeping Pills Harmful To Pregnant Women?
Not only sleeping pills but also all other medicines should not be used during pregnancy but doctor can decide after weighing risk benefit ratio. Sleeping pills belonging to group benzodiazepine can cause birth defects in baby.

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Can pregnant women take sleeping pills?
A: I was in the hospital when I was pregnant and they kept offering me ambien. I refused. So yes you can but you should check with your doc as some can cause problems.
can pregnant women take ambien, or another sleeping aid pills?
A: Yeah if you want a vegetable for a son or daughter. take some 5 HTP you can get at GNC. 5 HTP is the precursor to seratonin. This will calm you and make you sleep. Your other choice is stay awake, eventually you will be so tired that you will sleep.
pregnancy & sleeping pills?
Q: Is it true that pregnant women can take unisom to help sleep? I have had the worst time sleeping since I was pregnant and I used to take equate (wal mart brand) sleeping pills before and the helped but stopped when I go I have not done this bc I thought this was bad but I keep seeing others say they did so I am confused
A: My OB prescribed me abien for sleep, so I guess it is okay.
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