Can the pig get pregnant

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Huge differences in our DNA make such a likelihood nearly impossible for a human to get a pig pregnant. [ Source: ]
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How old can a guinea pig be to get pregnant?
Females When breeding guinea pigs the first rule which must be obeyed is never to breed from a sow over 10 months of age who has never had a litter before. To do so allows a very high risk of her suffering difficulties with the birth, becau…
How do guinea pigs get pregnant?
Through sex with a male guinea pig
Can a guinea pig get pregnant twice simultaneously?
When I first read your question, I thought you meant she had another litter down the track(after having the first litter), and I just thought back breeding, but then I reread more carefully and it seems like you are saying that the 2 still …

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hi is my guinea pig pregnant? i can feel kicking under her tommy is it breathing or babies?
Q: i got her 5 weeks ago and the pet store guy said her partner was bought some time ago i don’t know if they were together at the time so please give me some advice as to how to look after to her.
A: Pick her up gentley and feel around her belly. Sometimes you can feel little shapes inside, which are usually babies.Watch her to see how large she gets, and check on her often.I say check on her because if she IS pregnant, you might not know when she’s going to have the babies. I have had a many pregnant Guineas and sometimes I walk in the room to 5 or 6 more guineas then I had before!
pregnant guinea pig?
Q: what is the youngest you can tell when a guinea pig is pregnant? what is the youngest a male can get a guinea pig pregnant?
A: Male guinea pigs become sexually mature at 3 wks of age and females at 4wks of age, although it is dangerous for a female to fall pregnant under 4 months old.The only signs of a femnale being pregnant is that she will begin to take on a very noticable pear shape over a few weeks, the next is feeling any young moving which usually happens at around five weeks and this gives a indication of there being about five weeks left until the birth.
Is My Guinea Pig pregnant?
Q: Hi,I’m just wondering about my Guinea ,I think she is pregnant she lives with a male guinea pig now for around 3 months ,she is looking a bit roundish and sort of pear shaped but.. my male guinea pig sometimes does the mating dance but im not sure if he does that if she is pregnant, and may it ever happen if guinea pig can’t get pregnant or have babies does that ever happen.thanks verano he hasn’t been desexed
A: Guineapigs pregancies are usually between 63-70 days. If she is pregnant she will become round at the end. Go to google images and search pregnant guineapigs and you will get an idea of what they look like. He hasnt been desexed?
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