Can you eat milk fish if you are pregnant

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Fish is okay while you’re pregnant just make sure it’s cooked thoroughly. Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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Can i eat milk fish, a lot of banana and peanut also while im pre…?
The milk fish you should check with you OB. I know you can’t have certain seafood stuff due to the mercury! It can cause brain damage to your child. As for bananas, you can but the closer to your due date the more constipated you may get, s…
Can you drink milk after eating fish?
Yes. (different answer) From my experience a lot of people from Asia believe that the combination somehow causes problems with skin pigmentation. Then again, some recipes require milk and fish to be combined, so it’s just one of them urban …
Is it safe to drink milk after eating fish?
Ha ha, that is so weird, because when I eat Fish I really want milk afterward. I do it all the time but it does not make me sick. It’s not a guarantee to not make YOU sick, but it should be okay. It’s not Dangerous or anything, it’s just wh…

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I am pregnant… and concerned if I am getting enough protein?
Q: I am 29 weeks pregnant now. I am a semi vegetarian. I eat fish, eggs, cheese and milk but no meat.I drink about 750 ml of milk and about 25 g of cheese every day. I don’t eat fish daily but about150 g of fish once week. Also some legumes twicw or thrice a week. These are my main protein rich foods.I eat white rice or white bread everyday and fruits and some veggies.I am concerned if I am not getting enough protein. I recently found out you are supposed to have 75 g of protein a day when you are pregnant but I think but diet didnot contain that minimun amount. Also I couldn’t spread my protein thtrought the day.My main meals are breakfast and dinner and sinec I work in a very busy office for 8 and half hours a day, my lunch is just plain and simple and no time for snacks. ( I’m quitting work this week, seriously, can’t take it anymore, It’s so busy that sometimes I don’t even have time to empty my bladder.. how pathetic is that?)Please guys tell me how can I improve my diet?
A: Eat peanut butter. It has alot of protein in it. Since you choose to not eat meat, peanut butter would be a great way to enrich your diet! Congrats!
FOODS & DRINKS while pregnant?
Q: What drinks & food should i eat when pregnant?Since you cant have caffiene & i dont want to consume much fat only the good fat, or too much sugar. I know fruit & veggies. But i need more than that, a lot more. Can you give me some examples of food & drinks or even sites that give a list of nutritious food to eat.HERES HOW MY HEALTH IS NOW.I only eat fast food, chips, cookies, milkshakes fries, candy bars ect. Ive never been a fan or ate fruit or veggies in a LONG time. I dont eat meat or fish (it tastes awful TO ME) only chicken & they have to be chicken fingers. I dont eat sandwhiches, spaghettit sauce, cheese, milk, yogurt, water, pretty much everything else except the stuff i said above but sometimes i can eat a sald but just lettuce & a good dressing which is hard to find . I drink a lot of soda, thats it. Im 15 so it hasnt affected my weight yet but i know if i keep it up it will when im olderI want to have a healthy pregnancy & baby.Thanks a Ton!!!xxxmostly drinks since i drink a lotI know i am going to force myslef to eat healthy even if i didnt like it before & get rid of all teh junk. My baby is wayy more worth all that. Plus ill probably feel better wihtout all that bad stuff in my body & i usually drink diet not because its diet it just tastes better so i need to stop that too.
A: it sort of sounds like you want a miracle diet for the pregnant mom, but you are the only one that can change the things that you eat, believe me they will affect your unborn child. talk to your dietician or health care provider and they will help you decide what you should stay away from and how to help you maintian the best diet for you and your little one. the wic office can help gigi
weight issues???????
Q: I have a 2 year old daughter and me and my husband are trying for another baby…we dont want our kids to be to far apart in age…so the perfect time is now…the bad thing is though, i havent lost the weight from my first pregnancy and im 100lbs. overweight…so my question is if can i lose weight while pregnant…IF i just eat healthy (chicken, fish, veggies , fruit, milk) cut out all the junk that i eat now and just excercise (walking) nothing extreme…do you think i would lose weight by doing that? or do you think its just bad to lose weight in general???? I just want to start eating healthy and hopefully lose weight as a result of it…tell me what you think.
A: eat healthy during pregnancy, and if you hav not lost the weight befor the new pregnancy ,then you can lose it after wards . as long your husband and you like youreslf the way you are . A healthy baby born is more importand then anything else !
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