Can you give birth in space

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A pregnant woman has never flown into space,but pregnant rats that were had a hard time having their babies. The babies were weak. [ Source: ]
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Can birth be possible in space?
Yes, I don’t believe that it depends on gravity. Might be a bit messy though. Do you know something about what the astronauts have been getting up to that we don’t?
Why Space Births
There may be very personal reasons why time is needed between pregnancies. Planning enough time between pregnancies increases the chance of a good outcome for the mother and each of her babies. If a parent has experienced a miscarriage or l…
Was my brother switched at birth with a space alien’s baby??
“He doesn’t follow sports, he’s not even interested in sports. ” Good for him. A complete and utter waste of time and energy. (Except in so far as it diverts primitive tribalism from actual violence.) To be honest, I’m more worrie…

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Can you keep fry(s) in a breeding trap, or breeding container, or the container where the fish give birth to.?
Q: I really need to know, because I cannot put any other aquariums for fry(s). But I can have space with my small fish container that is about half a gallon, or in a bowl that is about 1 gallon. But I cannot put any heaters, or filters, but I can put a pump inside so it has oxygen. Is this okay?
A: Breeder nets or two way breeders are actually meant to be used as housing for growing your fry. It would take them weeks to outgrow it, and when they have, it should be safe to release them into the tank with the adults. It would be a much better alternative than to put them in a one gallon, where waste would accumulate too quickly without a filter and probably kill most of them off. Fry are pretty sensitive.They don’t need a lot of swimming room until they’re older anyway, and their waste would be dispersed through the rest of the water in your tank, making an imbalance less likely.
When will my platy give birth?
Q: I have my female platy in the breeding tank and her previous babies in the bottom of the breeding fish hatchery ( not the platys she is going to have now) , i put her in the breeding tank sunday evening, i am concerned for the space of the baby platys, there are 7 of them and are not crowded but will they be okay? The pregnant female has a large gravid spot, and i can see the eyes of the fry exceptionally clearly, she looks as though she is going to pop, she still is eating well and seems reasonably active, she as been under very little stress but a bit more on sunday evening. Now she is relaxed and being fed well, and the fry eyes are very clear , surley she cant be long ? How long do you think ? Shall i put her back in the main tank? What is the minimum and maximum length of time it will take now ? p.s _ please answer every question for me – many thanks danny.
A: ” The pregnancy will last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the temperature and the brood size will be up to as many as 80. Unlike many other live bearers Platies are unlikely to eat their own fry especially with a lot of plant cover available. But to minimise the risk the male should be removed after a couple of weeks and the female once she has given birth.The fry are very easy to raise and will accept crushed flake right away, but better growth rates will be achieved if you go to the trouble of using newly hatched brine shrimps for their first food. As the fry grow they will need regular water changes in order to maintain good growth and eventually they will need moving into larger quarters. Between 8 to 12 weeks the fry should be big enough to sell. “that is from this website:
How soon can you get pregnant after you give birth?
Q: My friend and I have these discussions and we were talking about spacing our children out. She told me that her mother and aunt are only 9 months apart and I find this a little shocking. I know it can happen and I’ve heard about it happening, but just wow. She said it was nice for her grandparents though they got both kids out of the house around the same time and enjoyed their retirement. Anyone out there have kids close in age?
A: I was pregnant with all for of my children by the time one was 6 months. They are all 15 months apart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think they are the closest siblings. I call them my little stair steps!
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