Can you get a girl pregnant by coming in her on her period

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Although rare, it is possible to become pregnant while on your period. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a girl get pregnant if she does not come on her period??’t+a+girls+period+come
If you have never had a period in your life, you cannot get pregnant.
Can a girl get pregnant a day before your period come on??
Sweetie,i do not know who came up with this “safe time” or,that you couldnt get pregnant because of your cycle.Anytime you have intercourse,you are chancing a possible pregnancy not to mention countless std’s.Anytime you have inte…
Can girl get pregnant 3 to 5 days before her period comes??
Nope. 1 week before and after your period is the safest way not to get pregnant. The doctor already explained it to me but of course, you would not get want to get into details.

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Can a girl get pregnant exactly 1 day after her period?
Q: im asking this question for my friend. well he took his girl virginity out of love. the day he had sex with her. it was exactly one day after her period. she always gets her period on like the 26. and her periods last 6-7 days. well he fingered her and pop her cherry. than finish it off with 2 penetrations and thats when all the blood came out. my friend says he check his penis before he inserted it was dry no pre cum or nothing . by the way it was unprotected. than pulled out check again there was nothing and than he stopped for good. did have no more intercourse. than he told me 2-3 mins later after he was done that’s when all the cum was cumming out im guessing it was pre cum cause h e didn’t ejaculate. well can she be pregnant? what are the chances one day after her period is gone? she has a heavy flow. well what are the chances.. be real here bring in some science facts into this or statistics in your answers so i can let him know . thank you.
A: you should know fertile days of women – learn below
I don’t get it why is she encouraging her???????????????
Q: My fiance’s cousin has “issues” she used to be a normal girl well close to normal. Now she is in denial about reality. She has told my mother-in-law that we should give our son up for adoption to her because she really wants him. She made a comment about how she would like to stick my son and our niece in her purse and take them home with her. She told me that she wants to get pregnant so that her and her baby can grow up as friends. That hers friends will pay for everything since she doesn’t have a job. She got in trouble with an older boy a few months back and he is now a registered sex offender because she is a minor. The police told her parents after talking with her that she talks about sex and sexual things like they are nothing. She lost her virginity to her friends boyfriend because her friend told her too because he was horny and she was on her period and she did it! Has had threesomes, STD’s, ect. She now has no friends except for one girl (the period girl) who moved far away. I was at their house the other day for a memorial day BBQ and her mother was asking me what we are going to name our baby that is due in 6 weeks. I told her and then she turns to her daughter and says tell her your girl name. I was thinking after all of this and you are encouraging her! Why would a parent do this? I just don’t understand. Now they are letting her travel for the whole summer to that girls house who by the way is pregnant. I keep thinking (and the rest of the family too) that she is going to come back pregnant. My MIL tried to talk to her father about this but they just don’t see a problem. I should also mention she is on medication and sees a therapist for all of her problems.
A: Well, it would appear that either the parents really don’t care or that’s the way they were brought up (ie. poorly). Either way, they are simply poor parents who should not legally be allowed to conceive. They don’t seem to be breaking any laws though so unfortunately not much can be done unless you’re willing to play a larger role in her life to try and steer her in a more promising direction. I think they’re all a lost cause though, you should just concentrate on your own life and close family.
My friend keeps talking about how she wants a baby, how can I knock some sense into her?
Q: She’s young, 19yrs old, has never been in a relationship, and comes from good money. Her parents pay for everything and she loves her freedom of drinking and going out whenever. She’s been there for me when I had my daughter at 17. Now me and another friend of ours is pregnant, and “Michelle” can’t stop talking about wanting a baby. She just lost her virginity to this guy she was sleeping with for two weeks, then he went away to school. She messed up her birth control and thought she got pregnant. But she got her period. She keeps talking about how she gets all these cravings and sickness and “I really think I’m pregnant, I have this feeling.” Even though a test came back negative and she got her period on time. I think it’s all in her head. She came off her birth control this month “just in case” she’s pregnant. I’m afraid she’s going to go sleep with somebody and whooops, end up with a bun in the oven. It would be such a selfish decision, at least wait until you’re in a relationship or married (which I am) and don’t live with your parents. Accidents happen, I know that, but if you intentionally get pregnant under these circumstances, it makes me so upset. She’s setting herself up to be a single mother, at least I have my husband to help me through everything. I’ve tried showing her how hard it is to pay bills, support yourself, and raise a child. I’m doing the best I can but I dont have any free money for myself. This is a girl who loves to buy coach purses. How can I smack some sense into her that a baby isn’t an accessory, that it’s a whole new way of life!Oh, by the way, how can I get her to listen to me about texting and driving? We went out today in her car, and she kept texting while she was driving with my daughter in the car! And then she’s like “stop being so anal.” Grrr.
A: People have to learn the hard way. Simple. It’s really not your business. There are plenty of people out there (myself not included) who would say it’s a ridiculous idea to have a baby at the age of 17 even with a husband. What would you say to them? YOU know you’re a good parent (I presume) so what others say and think isn’t important, and same goes for your friend. I was 19 when I fell pregnant (by accident, I’ll add) and was extremely irresponsible before then, I’m 21 now and a single mother, but I’ll say it myself I am a good mother and pretty level headed now. Having a baby changes people, and whether it happens deliberately or by accident really is irrelevant if the result is the same.As for texting and driving – talk to her, and if she calls you anal, fine. Nothing you can do. But if you (and especially your daughter) are in the car with her while she does it, simply request that she stop the vehicle, get out with your daughter and call yourselves a taxi. Your child’s safety is worth a bit of loose cash. She’ll get the message.
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