Can you take a pregnancy test while on your period? How accurate are the results

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Pregnancy stops ovulation, so you will not have a period if you are pregnant. Spotting is possible, and tests work fine. [ Source: ]
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Can you take a pregnancy test while you are on your period and st…?
If you are on your period, then you most likely aren’t pregnant. Yeah, you can take a test.

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Can you help me decide when to take a pregnancy test?
Q: Ok my main question is – when they say that you should take the test in the morning, does it actually mean the morning, or just when you haven’t been for a while? (stupid question I know!)Basically, if I’m about 2 days before my period’s due, and I’ve got a test that says it can work up to 6 days early, am I likely to get an accurate result if I use it now (at least 5 hours after I last went to the toilet if that’s relevant), or do I really need to wait till tmo morning.Details for anyone who cares – I’ve been thinking I’m pregnant for a few days, I feel really sure even though it’s actually quite unlikely based on how much sex we’ve had at what points in my cycle. I wanted to get 2 test that can be used early so I could do one straight away then in the morning when it’s more accurate, but the pharmacy I went to didn’t have any so I had to get some that you can only use around when you’re due. Then 10 steps down the road, I realised there was another pharmacy there, lol, but they only had 1 early test so I’ve got 1 early and 2 normal tests. I can’t decide whether to take the early test now, because I really want to know but if it’s too early to get a result apart from in the morning, I don’t want to waste it and have to wait for days before I can use the cheap ones. There doesn’t seem to be any point doing a cheap one now just to keep me going till tmo morning over because I think it’s guaranteed to show negative at this stage. Advice please? Thank you for your help!
A: Honestly the “correct” thing to do is to wait until your period is late by at least a day… but unfortunately, I think the stress of worrying about waiting to take a test can cause your period to be late. We put so much stress on ourselves ttcers! So I would say take your early test. If you get a neg now, it may give you enough *umph* to wait until your period is late and the constant obsession will subside. Good luck to you, I hope you get your BFP!
How soon after sex can you find out if you are pregnant?
Q: My finace and I are always careful, and I am on the pill but somehow the condom came off the other night. I took Plan B because the doctor gave me some just in case last time I was there, thank god. But I am still freaking out. My period should be coming any day now but I’ve heard if you get pregnant right before your period you can still have your period and be pregnant.Ahh!! Anyway when is the soonest I could get a pregnancy test with accurate results? And can I take a test while I’m on my period?Thanks, Emilyi AM very anxious about this because we are not ready for kids. I dont want kids for at least another 5 years! lol
A: 19 days after sex you can test.
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